T-Mobile chief talks up 3G Network, Apple Mac

“T-Mobile gave a peek into their future plans on Friday, which look to include high-speed 3G networks in 2007, enhanced mobile e-mail options, and perhaps working with Apple,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine.

Segan reports, “The announcement comes in the wake of T-Mobile spending $4.2 billion for 120 new wireless spectrum licenses in the 1,700 and 2,100 Mhz bands, covering the entire United States. The new spectrum will help T-Mobile USA become the largest element of the international T-Mobile group, based in Germany, Kai-Uwe Ricke, chief executive of parent company Deutsche Telekom, said at a press conference Friday in New York City.”

“T-Mobile has already been working with manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, and Siemens to produce handsets for the new bands, T-Mobile USA Chief Executive Robert Dotson said. T-Mobile’s 3G handsets will only have a ‘nominal’ difference in cost from their existing 2.5G handsets, he said,” Segan reports.

“Dotson singled out Apple’s efforts on the desktop as a “great precursor of where I think the marketplace is headed in 3G,” leading to speculation that T-Mobile, not Cingular, will host Apple’s much-rumored iPhone project,” Segan reports. “Of course, Dotson ‘declined to comment’ about any relationship between the two companies, but he went on at some length about how Apple’s and T-Mobile’s visions seem to be aligned.”

“‘The [upcoming] Leopard [OS X 10.5] operating system does an incredibly good job of integrating video, and you’re starting to see the integration of voice,’ he said. ‘It is a good precursor to how this marketplace can evolve, and how you can really start making money off products and services in a mobile environment,'” Segan reports. Dotson said, “‘You didn’t hear a lot of discussion about mobile TV [from T-Mobile], you didn’t hear a discussion about the next music platform; we’re not going to spend a lot of resources on the development of mobile TV in the market.'”

Segan reports, “Rich e-mail, on the other hand, gets Dotson’s vote. He said that while e-mail is the number one Internet application on PCs, with 91% of broadband users e-mailing, only 5% of consumer e-mail is currently accessed in a mobile environment. ‘As can be seen with Apple’s new Leopard operating system, the richness of e-mail communications is just beginning to discover elements beyond the printed word, moving to dynamic and personally tailored image-rich communications,’ he said.”

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  1. It’s good to see companies like Intel, T-mobile, Disney, Google etc seeing Apple as a company that can offer new and better ways to serve customers. This type of openmindness is what will differentiate the great products from the mundane.

    The more partners Apple can get the cooperate in each sector, the easier it will be to get their technology adopted as mainstream. I’m thinking H264, Quicktime, iTS, stripped down / mobile OS X platforms for video, audio and data tranmission and use.

  2. It’s very interesting to hear this guy speak so often of the upcoming OS. He didn’t just mention Apple Leopard once but a number of times.
    Why would they be so involved and interesed in this OS?
    Something we don’t know about yet and maybe surprised by in January or when Leopard is released.

  3. All I know is that it is beyond ridiculous that it’s easier to connect a Mac to a cell phone in India than it is right here in the good ole US of A. Neither Verizon nor Cingular support the use of their cell phones as tethered Mac modems (even though some people are cobbling together working solutions). This situation really has to change.

  4. Cuckoo: “It is a good precursor to how this marketplace can evolve, and how you can really start making money off products and services in a mobile environment”

    When are they gonna learn that consumers don’t want to be nickled and dimed for all of these fancy features that don’t help productivity?

    I want my cell phone to make calls (and sync with my address book). I don’t want to watch video on a cell phone, much less waste precious battery life watching video on that headache-inducingly small screen.

    And of course he wants to team up with Apple, EVERYONE want to team up with Apple and have the cool rubbed off on them.

  5. We know OSX is fantastic and Leopard will be greater than ever…

    ..so why shouldn’t the guys at T-mobile? Or Google? Or CNN? Or Dell? Or Starbucks? Or Intel?

    Just don’t expect that admiration too soon from some others like Microsoft, or the BBC, or the Guardian and Independent.. the chattering class rags in the UK.

    Quality will out and Apple is on its way.

  6. Stories like this bode well for Apple. They suggest, even if only subtly, that Apple’s OS X is gaining favor. As mac fans, we all know how superior OS X is to Windows (Vista will not change this), but I feel a change is coming; Vista is going to be a disaster for Microsoft and the only viable alternative will be Apple.

    Like super computers before it, I predict several large enterprise companies will “switch” to OS X next year and Apple will start gaining traction in this market. The switch will happen as these companies decide not to upgrade to Vista, but opt for OS X instead. Once that happens, it will be like an avalanche; Microsoft’s troubles will become catastrophic and you will see the company fall apart. OS X will have double digit market share in 2-3 years.

  7. Ah good, cuz I’ll be honest, I love T-mobile and they are certainly one of the most affordable phone services out there, second fave is verizon, but you get what you pay for you and your paying for alot >.<

    cingular sucks!!!

  8. I agree with Object-X, Vista could well be a failure (it’ll be two biggies in a row with Zoon too).

    Everyones got Windows (and even for those that think they lke it, one’s enough!) and Vista offers little more, just a new set slightly different problems, and don’t forget the “most anticipated” feature: OSX-lookalike Aero…

  9. Whenever one of these tech company mouthpieces starts using the word “rich” to describe some project/concept/product they are working on, run – do not walk – for the exits. It’s one of those market-speak words that, even though it isn’t being used quite the way its defined, it sounds just impressive enough, and is just vague enough, to get you through a keynote.

    Gates uses the same word constantly, and M$ products are so ‘un-rich’ that most astute listeners have become convinced it’s a secret corporate codeword for “crap”. Like when you hear “synergy” peppered throughot some suit’s pitch for whatever he’s trying to sell. With “rich”, both are now viewed as a verbal warning to all – that the speaker and his company may have no f*cking idea what they are doing.

    Forwarned is fore-armed.

    And wouldn’t we all like to have four arms?
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smirk” style=”border:0;” />

  10. alansky

    It’s actually getting easier to connect to the internet through your cellphone and bluetooth. I currently use my Razr v3 with bluetooth to connect my 15″ Powerbook G4 to the internet when I’m away from home. They are two ways to do this and one way is posted on the Cingular website. Here it is. https://onlinecare.cingular.com/support/setupOTW.do

    There is also an easier way posted somewhere online. just google it.

    $19/month gives you unlimited access to the internet.

  11. Yeah. Then MAYBE T-Mobile will require equipment such as this to work with OS X ..

    Sony Ericsson GC89 – Get on it, with Internet access from your laptop anywhere on the T-Mobile Network.

    Right now it requires Windows 98/2000/XP .. let’s see them offer Mac support instead of just PR statements.

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