Mac OS X Leopard to feature ‘fast user switching’ for Windows XP/Vista?

“Hints that Apple will enable an option for ‘Windows’ under Fast User Switching exist. Currently, Boot Camp users need to decide which operating system they want to run, and the Mac becomes dedicated to that platform. If true, under Leopard, users can dual boot and fast user switch to Windows and back again to the Mac,” reports.

Some other “Top Secret” features for Mac OS X Leopard are also discussed in the article:
• iPhone integration
• Front Row 2.0
• iTV speculation
• Core Animation Everywhere

Full article here.

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  1. too bad that once office 2007 is out for mac, i’ll have absolutely no reason to keep windows and os x running at the same time. although i will enjoy going to the doze world for some gaming. the only reason i would want xp and os x running simultaneously is to work on a word doc in xp and email it or do something else with it in os x. still, it’s amazing to see apple working on this kind of breakthrough stuff.

  2. Hey “Don’t pass the koolaid,”

    Yup -“thats good because mac users will be spending lots of time in vista” – that’s right. Our work will be done and we’ll be outside hiking, etc. while you Windoze droids are fighting yet another virus/malware attack. Enjoy. Do oyu want some vitamin C with that OS?

  3. re: marcus,

    could you please point out what I have been missing regarding the current version of Word under OSX? Why do you need windows to run Word? If you’d say MS Project, I’d understand – even though Merlin supposedly kicks its butt in most disciplines.

  4. Lol wtf would any self-respecting mac user want with windoze? Give me a break. the only cool game you cant get on a mac is the ww2 flight sim but xplane is more fun because i can fly helicopters and have like 30 in my virtual hanger. i would love it if xplane made a combat version. id prolly pee my pants. lol. ill buy leopard for the same reason i U/G tiger: because its gonna improve my hardware performance and make my overall experience cooler in addition to making me more productive. which is the polar opposite of the bastardized version M$ is gonna try and ram down peoples throats. I personally love that article explaining how much it will cost enterprise to switch to vista on a per user basis: 3000-5000 each!!! LOL!!! why not just buy new cool macs and put existing copies of xp on the macs if the morons at work cant figure out leopard. Seems to me as a savings of about $500 per user initially. TCO would of course go down but idc cause i dont own a business and IT fanboys are all F’d up anyway. I know this “IT” guy and all he does is complain about his job like its sooo stressful etc. I dont even ask…i have been clean and sober for 3 years now. havent used M$ since 2003!! hehe

  5. Hopefully it will allow people to switch between using Mac and Windows applications WITHOUT having to install Windows/Vista.

    Get AutoCAD et all running on a Mac without an M$ OS…

    …well, who the hell would need to buy any other PC other than an Intel Mac?

    MDN word: run. As in ‘run everything natively’

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