Motto inside Intel: ‘Let Apple be Apple’

“Intel Corp. looks to find itself in the midst of an industry battle over how the power and complexity of computers should be combined with the convenience and simplicity of consumer electronics — and the company couldn’t be happier,” Sumner Lemon reports for IDG News Service.

“Speaking with reporters on the opening day of the Ceatec exhibition in Chiba, Japan, Eric Kim, the senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Home Group, today praised Apple Computer Inc. for successfully integrating computers and consumer electronics with its iPod digital music player and iTunes online store, which use proprietary standards,” Lemon reports.

Lemon reports, “However, at the same time he also called on Japanese consumer-electronics makers to adopt open standards centered around Intel’s own Viiv platform for PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system. ‘Clearly, Apple’s orientation is to deliver the best possible user experience from end-to-end by being closed. That’s what they do and they are very, very good at it,’ Kim said, praising Apple’s ability to produce products that are easy to use, despite the complex technology that lies underneath. ‘We have a little motto inside Intel, ‘Let Apple, be Apple.’ We are happy to serve them,’ he said.”

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Do you want to be trapped inside dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?

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  1. GrapeGraphics quoted Einstein:

    “Any intelligent fool…”

    Hey! I’ve got an idea! Let’s REALLY be courageous and move in the TOTALLY opposite direction – let’s use an abacus!

    Computers are MACHINES, in case you didn’t notice. They won’t turn YOU into a genius.

    And neither will Einstein quotes.


  2. Apple is only more closed than MS in one area – hardware.

    You can buy Macs, MacOS X, iPods, Japanese cameras, music CDs, etc. in all the same places you buy them for Windows. Apple even sells more Windows-based software than MS sells MacOS X software!

    The myth about Apple being more closed than MS will disappear the day you can buy a build of Windows or Office from someone other than MS i.e. never.

  3. Oh that Microsoft said that… to anyone, ever.

    And does this mean that Intel recognizes that they should follow Apple, and not try to lead it, because Apple have got it together? Suspect so myself.

    And conversely that also means that Intel thinks the rest have not got it together…!

  4. What is with the whole “closed” crap. Ford make things for Fords. Toyota makes things for Toyotas. Apple makes things that work with Apple stuff. Get over it. Everyone wants a piece of Apple’s action because they can’t make their own.

  5. Like apple and Itunes…. If they make a superior product that truly leads the market, they shuld have choice and the ability to do what they want. They earned the right by making a superior product. Good job Intel

  6. You should all forget using the automobile analogy for the “Apple is proprietary” accusation. It won’t fly.

    Next time you bring your car to an independent auto repair shop (not the dealer) check out what parts they’re putting in. It’s almost never “original equipment”. I could go on about accessories, engine mods, suspension mods, etc. Automobiles, for the most part, use relatively little proprietary technology.

    And you don’t need a “Genius” to get the tires balanced, either.

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