Analyst: Microsoft Zune’s as good as dead on arrival

“I responded last week to a comment left on our blog by Mike Evangelist hypothesizing that Microsoft could do some serious damage to Apple’s iPod domination by launching its Zune music player at $99. Well, so much for that theory. Today, Microsoft announced that the Zune will retail for $249.99, $0.99 more than Apple’s fifth generation iPod video. I suspect that still represents a subsidy of the product, but probably only about $50 per device,” Carl Howe, principal analyst, blogs for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

Howe writes, “At that price, this interim product is going nowhere. It will sell to those people that love Microsoft products and few others. Microsoft even managed to alienate music lovers who already have bought a lot of Microsoft music, since the player won’t play protected Windows Media files other than those from the Zune store (that includes ones bought from stores like MSN!), and it will impose sharing restrictions on unprotected MP3 files that the user owns. With no compensating price advantage, this marketing plan provides little differentiation from iPods and many disadvantages. And without a massive deployment of these devices, the wireless sharing feature becomes moot… Zune 1.0 appears to be dead on arrival.”

Full article here.
Microsoft’s Zune is D.O.A. and, note to Microsoft, no amount of faux “Zune fan” websites is going to help.

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  1. No, because the average person out there has no f-ing idea what in the hell Zune is anyway. Besides, how in the hell can you have fan websites for something that hasn’t even been released yet anyway?!? LOL

  2. wow, great.

    who the hell is blackfriars communications?

    what would they know?

    this is nothing more than a trashy opinion piece.

    on a trashy macdailynews site.

    competition will be good for the ipod, and i for one like the zune.

  3. although neither Zune nor Microsoft will ever have the coolness factor nor the quality of Apple, the sad truth is that they can give them away to every man woman and child in the US and not go broke. Don’t count MS out, you and I will be in the grave and his money will still be causing havock

    I don’t like it but is a fact

  4. Daveo, how can you “like” something that DOES NOT EXIST and WILL NOT UNTIL MID NOVEMBER (at the very earliest)?

    I bet you have a unicorn in your back yard too! Amd jow about that cold fusion car of yours?

    Pathetic, Sputnik.

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