Symantec accuses Microsoft of withholding key Vista APIs

“Symantec has accused Microsoft of withholding key information about its upcoming Vista operating system in an attempt to gain an advantage in the security market,” Tom Espiner reports for CNET News.

Espiner reports, “The security specialist said this week that Microsoft is refusing to hand over the application programmable interfaces (APIs) for Windows Defender, the spyware product that will be included in Windows Vista. Without the APIs, Symantec contends that it isn’t able to ensure that its own security products are compatible with the update. ‘Microsoft is affirmatively introducing bottlenecks to funnel customers to their products,’ said John Brigden, Symantec senior vice president for Europe. ‘It’s all about control and dominance. They are deliberately delaying giving us the APIs.'”

“Microsoft responded to Symantec’s concerns on Wednesday, and said that it had made the APIs for Defender available earlier this week. Symantec, though, insists that the APIs still aren’t available,” Espiner reports. “The timing of the release of APIs is crucial for Symantec, as it is due to ship a Vista-compatible Norton antivirus product to PC makers in October.”

“Security vendor McAfee is also irked that Microsoft has not provided APIs for Defender. Sources close to the company confirmed that Microsoft has not provided the APIs, and that senior McAfee executives ‘really have a bee in their bonnets’ about the situation,” Espiner reports. “Symantec and McAfee are battling Microsoft for the ability to replace the Windows Security Center with their own security consoles. Additionally, the security companies also claim the PatchGuard feature in 64-bit editions of Vista excludes them but lets in hackers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No way. You mean to tell us that another company is accusing Microsoft of leveraging their Windows monopoly in an underhanded manner that lacks proper business ethics and morals? How ever could this be? Not innovative Microsoft. No.

The dinosaur is trying to eat its parasites and vice versa.

Jobs, life is far too short for this idiocy! Windows is a cancer on personal computing. It needs to be cut out. Plus, it’s ugly and it sucks. Are people stupid or what?! No, really, are they just stupid? How much more evidence do they need to see they’ve made the wrong choice?

If you pay Mafiasoft a yearly subscription fee to protect Mafiasoft Windows, you deserve to use Windows and only Windows for the rest of your natural life. And, while you’re at it, send us US$1,000 via PayPal immediately for full legal ownership of The Brooklyn Bridge which we own and are selling to you, you pigeon, you:

We just can’t imagine having the time, processor cycles and patience to waste. We pity the Windows-only sufferers. We are 100% Microsoft-, Symantec-, and McAfee-free and loving every single minute of it!*

*Of course, we do test various software and operating systems to keep up-to-date. We just don’t bother trying to use them. If we ever find something we like, we’ll let you know.

[UPDATE: 8:05am: Added disclaimer.]

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  1. We just can’t imagine having the time, processor cycles and patience to waste. We pity the Windows-only sufferers. We are 100% Microsoft-, Symantec-, and McAfee-free and loving every single minute of it!

    In Apple we trust, all others who want a admin password to fsck up our machines can GO TO HELL!!

    All those who want to use Trusted Computing via EFI to snitch on our usage, police our software can join them and burn to death forever.

  2. That’s not possible. MS has always dealt fairly, openly and equitably with all partners and competitors. Bill said so. And he’s real rich.

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  3. “[…] if Microsoft improves security and virus protection with Vista, will they be sued for using their monopoly power to harm third-party software companies?”

    Depends on how they do it. I’ll admit, sometimes Microsoft ends up damned if they do and damned if they don’t. But this doesn’t sound like one of those cases.

    Essentially, Microsoft has created a security system tied into the operating system that only Microsoft can use. For example, each copy of Windows ships with the Windows Security Center which will let you know whether or not you have firewall and antivirus protection running. But Microsoft has not yet told anyone how to let Windows Security Center know that you are an antivirus program and you’re running.

    So if I go out and buy Symantec’s Antivirus and install it, Windows will continue to tell me that I don’t have antivirus protection. Only Microsoft’s Windows Defender will work with the Windows Security Center.

    Don’t get me wrong–if the Windows Security Center shipped with Defender, that’d be fine. But since it ships on every copy of Windows, it should work with any program that is and provides those protections.

  4. Poor Symantec. They can’t update their POS Norton anti-shite crapware. Microslop is a poor excuse of a software company and Symantec is right in there with them IMHO. I hope MS drives Symantec out of business and then does the same to themselves. The world will be a better place without these non-innovators.

  5. Symantec products protect my XP riddled laptop just fine, thanks.

    I will be dropping Norton when I start using Windows on Parallels on my new MacBook Pro as soon as it arrives.

    Until then, I must say that Symantec makes damn good XP AV protection.

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