Apple’s iTunes 7.0.1 contains copious mobile phone mentions

“Normally, an iTunes update wouldn’t be much news. But this one has lots of mentions of a ‘mobile phone’ that can play video and display pictures. As far as we know, the ROKR and RAZR V3i can’t do that,” Jason Chen reports for Gizmodo.

Here’s a taste of the strings:

“4301.022” = ” ^0 was not copied because the video format is not supported by the mobile phone ^1 .”; “4301.043” = “Are you sure you want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? You will need to manually eject your mobile phone before it can be disconnected safely.”; “4301.045” = “Are you sure you do not want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? All existing content on the mobile phone ^1 will be replaced with content from your iTunes library.”

Full article with more examples here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “raddoc” for the heads up.]
Note: On Tuesday, September 12, 2006, we reported that Apple’s iTunes 7 installer showed ‘iTunes Phone Driver’ as a greyed-out option. Interested Mac users can see what Chen describes above for themselves by showing the package contents (right-click) of iTunes 7.0.1 and navigating to Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ and opening Localizable.strings in TextEdit.

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  1. The thick plottens.

    O/T: On CSI:NY an iPod is used in a bank robbery to shatter the glass cases in a jewelry store using an MP3 with a special sine wave. Next up, Enderle declares iPods unsafe around glass objects. His head then explodes.

  2. And it’s only going to be for Cingular…

    Gotta love the US cellular network.

    I’m regally pissed about that too, because it’s just about time to get a new phone, but with Verizon, I’m REALLY left out in the cold, especially with their proprietary bs.

  3. I switched from ATT/Cingular (I was on the older ATT network at the time) to Verizon and love Verizon’s network. However, I am furious at the fact that Verizon disables the phones ability to transfer pics and ringtones via the built in bluetooth or via the USB port on the 3 motorola e815 phones that we bought. My contract is up in a short while and I am going to go back to Cingular and get one of these phones. I don’t have an iPod so this phone will solve two problems for me: iPod AND dumping Verizon.
    I hope that if the Apple phone has bluetooth or a USB port, Cingular doesn’t disable them.

    – Mark

  4. Where is Neo when we need someone to put all these news in a fantastic futuristic conext about the future of the internet and how is going to lead the way forward and rule the digital world. Come on Neo. Write like you used to — using your imagination and connect the dots — before the editor at maximum broke you down into writiing boiler plate unimaginative transcriptions of patent applications. What does the iPhone mean? Will it talk to iTV? Will handheld mobile OSX someday carry our home directory and all our files and applications?

  5. “But this one has lots of mentions of a ‘mobile phone’ that can play video and display pictures. As far as we know, the ROKR and RAZR V3i can’t do that,” Jason Chen reports for Gizmodo.”

    Maybe I’m just crazy, but my RAZR V3 plays video and displays pictures just fine.

  6. V-Train I have a Motorola ROKR but when I installed iTunes 7 the iTunes Phone driver was grayed out for me too. Admittedly my ROKR was not plugged in at the time but surely it would not have to be for the plug in to be installed with every new version of iTunes.

  7. Those who say “videos and pictures are on my razr already” you are right but u cnt sync those from itunes. And also if u guys followed the instructions and actually read the file it also showed that you can sync games to a mobile phone. And before any of you bozos scream i have games on my fone. Remember that Stevie J said the games were designed for the click wheel, the ROKR and the SLVR dont have a click wheel. So now that the point is proven y dont you all shut up.

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