SageTV needs beta testers for Mac PVR software

“SageTV is looking for users willing to beta test a Mac version of their personal video recorder software,” Brad Linder reports for PVR Wire.

“In order to participate in the closed beta, you need a PowerPC or Intel Mac running OS X 10.4 or later, have an existing SageTV license for Windows or Linux, be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and you can’t work for a competitor. They’re also looking for users who already own a Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2, which, for now, will be the only capture device supported by the SageTV Mac client,” Linder reports.

Linder reports, “There aren’t as many options for Mac users looking to make their computers into home theater/PVR systems as their are for windows users right now. The best seems to be Elgato’s EyeTV which integrates with Front Row. But with SageTV jumping into the market, that could all change.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Charlie” for the heads up.]


  1. El Gato, the makers of EyeTV have expanded their options by partnering with other makers of hardware. Miglia, which used to make it’s own software, wisely licensed Eye TV in the last year. Plextor also offers a version of it’s previously Windows only hardware with a version of EyeTV.

    My EyeTV software shows 12 different devices being supported, not including Miglia & Plextor hardware.

  2. I must admit EyeTV folks were there for us Mac users unlike anyone else.

    They even provided a ClearQAM cable decoder in the EyeTV 500 model before the law cut in back in July that forbid the sale of such new devices without a HDCP DRM chip.

    This EyeTV 500’s “output” coax connection is actually a ClearQAM input, so if you find one used you can get HD cable “non-HDCPed” (or HDCP stripped if you know where to look for the device) stations on your Mac. I got two and I’m not selling either one!

    Elgato has taken the Hollywood moguls to court in fights against their restrictive DRM schemes that doesn’t allow content to be moved around freely. So they are on OUR side.

    Right now all anyone can sell is the ATSC (over the air HD, very limited) and old standard (NTSC/PAL) devices which have a very limited TV future as ClearQam HD (via cable) and HDCP DRMed is going to be standard TV fare around 2008 in the US.

    (however it’s been proven with a powerful enough computer, HDCP DRM can be cracked on the fly, it’s going to take a LOT of processors mind you and snitching EFI may hobble your 80 core Mac Pro)

    Anyway with all this DRM coming our way, Apple and PC monitors will need the HDCP chip to display all the HD content. So I don’t see much of a future for PVR’s or Home theater applications for either PC’s or Mac’s unless it has Hollywood’s HDCP stamp of approval. And Hollywood likes the control and profits cable companies give, they don’t like computers because of the Macrovision crack (thanks DVDJohn) used in programs like Handbrake.

    We know for sure that HD-DVD and BlueRay DVD high definition disks will require some sort of DRM, most likely based upon HDCP, which will demand a constant active internet connection via EFI on Intel Mac’s/PC’s to verify the keys and disable the hardware if tampered with or what they call illegal software, even if it’s legal in your country.

    So again, I take this “beta test” with a grain of salt. I say it’s a ploy to get customers and see if they have enough to produce a product with a very limited future.

    Anyone who manufactors a HDCP bypass device, or needs HDCP, has to join and adhere to the HDCP “club” or get sued. So anything outside the HDCP club will be a rather lacking software or hardware device. Isn’t DRM wonderful? Isn’t internet connecting w/o the OS knowing about it EFI wonderful too?

    Sony want’s to hobble tampered BlueRay devices and bypass software. If EFI drivers find it, they can turn off your BlueRay HD remotely. Ahhh Sony and their rootkits. Remember that?

    Anyway true home theater/computer combinations like this one will need a substancial technical alteration as the HD media will no longer be transferable and controlable.


  3. Regarding HDCP/DRM – all the MPAA’s efforts and attitudes on this just piss me off and make me less likely to buy their products. You only live so long, and I have better things to do with my time than watch their crap anyway.

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