Intel launches $1 million contest for more Mac-like PCs

“Intel is the latest big player in the PC market to launch a campaign encouraging PC manufacturers to make more sexy computers,” Tim Gaden writes for APC Magazine. “In a press release it has announced its ‘Intel Core Processor Challenge’, a US$1 million bounty for PC designers who are willing to ‘evolve the ‘big, beige box’ [perhaps better described as the ‘big silver and black box’ these days] and help bring to market more stylish, small, quiet and cool-running PCs perfect for any room in the home.'”

“This prize comes hot on the heels of the Microsoft’s new Hardware Design Guidelines which also encouraged PC makers to think more about the design of their products,” Gaden writes. “What’s driving this new thirst for PCs that look nice? What’s making the big beige/black/silver box, once a proudly functional, handsome work-horse into a liability?”

“Apple and its many, many beautiful products, that’s what,” Gaden writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Intel will award the Grand prize winner with up to US $300,000 for hard tooling costs of their winning design and US $400,000 for co-marketing activities with Intel promoting the design. The first place winner will receive up to $300,000 for hard tooling of their winning design.

Apple should simply enter their existing Macs, take the $1 million, and call it a day.

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  1. No amount of sparkle and sheen is going to change this fact: they still run Windoze. It’s all about the operating system. I would run my current OS X on the ugliest beige box they ever made before dealing with any version of Windoze on the fanciest gold and diamond-studded box they could come up with. Fortunately, with Apple, we get great design AND great OS. Game over.

  2. Microsoft Hardware Design Guidelines? What the heck?

    Microsoft doesn’t make PCs so what guidelines do they have? That seems ass backwards to me. It would be like MS writing software according to Dell’s software guidelines.

    I wish these participants good luck.

  3. Again, industry and people do not UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES A MAC A MAC.

    It’s not the ‘pretty’ case designs that make the Mac experience great. It’s the OS stupid.

    Perhaps the real course would be to offer this 1 million as a bribe to Steve to allow Mac OSX to run on generic PC hardware. THAT would make PC more Mac like.

  4. Treachery by the Wintel Alliance

    Apple needs to respond by creating a broad range of modern and customizable computers.

    Apple’s limited hardware selection is it’s biggest failing.

    All Apple has to do is copy and improve on Dells buisness model, sell/offer three operating systems seperate from the hardware.

    It would blow Dell right out of the water.

  5. Yes, Mac boxes are attractive. BUT I don’t use Macs because of the box. I use Macs because since 2000 my computer has never crashed and I never restart except when there’s new software.

    I sat in my car dealer’s waiting room last week to work while my brakes were fixed. Took all day.

    The fellow beside me had a PC. He was a Java coder for IBM creating software for enterprise. He was there about an hour and had to restart his laptop during that time. I was there for 6 hours (Yikes!) and worked on line using 6 or 8 applications and, of course, never rebooted. I tried to explain to him that I had never had to reboot my computer and never shut it off AND that he could do his Java work as easily on a Mac as on the fragile system he was using. He, of course, did not believe it.

    His laptop could not connect to the wireless network and he needed to haul out a blue ethernet cable to connect to the back of his machine and to the router. I don’t even travel with an ethernet cable. WiFi just works on a Mac.

    These designers can make the prettiest boxes they can imagine but, as the old saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts!

  6. Rammer said: “Sounds like Intel is helping the competition against Apple….”

    On the other hand, it’s possible that this whole thing is a gimmick to point out how well designed Macs are and that it takes more than a pretty box to be Mac-like!.

    As MDN says: lipstick on a pig.

  7. I think I’ll enter in the contest. Since I had an upper-hand in creating all Apple products, I think I can come up with the next big thing.

    And yes, I did also create the ugly PC boxes…but that is only because Apple needed something to compare its computers to.

    Look for me to be wearing a long trench coat at the unveiling. I’m the guy with the big white beard and sandals.

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