Intel gives ‘little more than a passing mention of Microsoft’s biggest product for ten years’

“Confirming that we live in interesting times, Intel President and CEO Paul Ottelini’s opening IDF keynote speech featured an unusual guest. For the first time, a representative of Apple made an appearance at this, the most important event of the week. But representatives of Microsoft and its rival operating system were nowhere to be seen. Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide marketing for Apple, appeared on stage to confirm the completion of Apple’s migration to Intel processors across its product range,” David Fearon reports for PC Pro. “This gave Schiller an opportunity to plug OS X – complete with 20-foot images of the operating system’s logo on the screens above him.”

Fearon reports, “But in the whole of the rest of the keynote there was no emphasis on what the new processors could do for Vista, and in fact there was little more than a passing mention of Microsoft’s biggest product for ten years, let alone 20-foot logos.”

“While this might not signal the beginning of a concerted Intel move away from Microsoft operating systems, at the very least it represents a lack of even-handedness on the part of Intel that Microsoft could rightfully construe as a bit rude. At worst it could be interpreted as a tacit ploy for Intel to distance itself from Vista until it’s been fully proved that the new OS is robust enough for mass deployment in the medium term,” Fearon reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]
Or maybe Intel just finally got sick of touting a kludgey, insecure, upside-down and ass backwards, fake Mac and has decided to promote the real thing going forward?

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  1. Intel is tired of being associated seen as less than cutting edge. “Dull little boxes,” even if popular, isn’t exactly a label anyone flocks to. Right now, Intel is having an Apple love-fest. But if someone else shows even better uses for their chips, they’ll tout them, too. Just yesterday, didn’t Intel just anno9unce some sort of viiv contest to make a sexy computer? To me, this doesn’t exactly say that they’re married to Apple. They just want to sell chips.

  2. fun time

    “If you throw an Apple at the Windows hard enough, it will break”

    “An Apple a day keeps the Ballmer away”

    “Apple takes a bite out of Microsoft”

    “Intel kneed Ball(more)”

    “Intel-We don’t need no dips with our chips”

    “A win-win is no Win at all”

    “The Gates are closed”

  3. mikkimoose,
    Umm.. .you’re sort of wrong.
    Apple buys Intel chips.
    Microsoft does not make computers, hence it doesn’t buy chips.
    So really, it would seem, Apple is a bigger account than Microsoft.
    Now, if you said HP, yeah, that’s very much true… for now…

  4. For many years…

    …the Wintel alliance was the enemy of every Mac user.

    Now we see old Phil right on stage at a Intel shindig and it JUST SEEMS FSCKING RETARTED!!

    What’s next, Mac’s running Windows?

    Steve Ballmer jumping around on at MacWorld like a sweaty monkey shouting

    “Vista, Vista, Vista!!!”??

    I think I’ll have to shoot myself if that happens.

  5. You’d guys would be surprised how many people are anxiously awaiting the release of Vista… I had two buddies (definately NON-tech types) stop by office yesterday, who mentioned that they are waiting unitl February ’07 to buy a new vista laptop … I tell ’em its just a poor imitation of Mac OS X… but they never listen…

    the release Vista is going to be huge – especially in the business community.

  6. “… at the very least it represents a lack of even-handedness on the part of Intel that Microsoft could rightfully construe as a bit rude. “

    What’s “rude” is the way Mafiasoft has made a fortune pimping their piece of shit products, driven competitors out of business and keep bottom feeding, low lifes like you sucking on its tits.

    Rock on Ottelini!
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Yep, I agree to it all, to some degree or other.
    But I can see that If Intel is forward thinking they may be looking at Apple. Apples OS likes multiple processors running 64 or 32 bit. Windows just gets into more and more design issues.
    If you are going to the trouble of building a QUAD processor, are you going to advertise that that it is used on systems that just have no idea how to use your new powerful engine?????

    Just a thought.

  8. I wont say the “R” word but mister reality check is somewhat mentally challenged if he thinks that corporations are going to drop billions or even millions on an untested OS on release to the public. Huge might be the word everyone will be hearing followed closely by disappointment.

  9. I’ve been saying it since Apple announced the transition: Intel will see this as an opportunity to built better cpus that won’t HAVE to be x86 compatible. Microsoft cannot move Windows to a new platform. They can’t even do 64-bit right.

    Once Apple has enough market momentum, Intel will push the switch over the edge by embracing new technologies in mass-market CPUs (or other related hardware) that Windows will not be able to support. I think Intel has been kept in a bottle by MSFT and they can’t wait to create truely innovative products.

    Again, Apple is the leader in innovation, breaking us from the mould.

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