Apple releases Final Cut Pro 5.1.2, Pro Applications Update 2006-02

Apple today released Final Cut Pro Update 5.1.2 which provides important bug fixes and compatibility updates for certain Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic devices. This update is recommended for all Final Cut Pro 5.1 and Final Cut Pro 5.1.1 customers.

More info and download link here.

Apple today also released Pro Applications Update 2006-02 whichaddresses several issues with underlying frameworks and shared components for Apple’s professional applications and is strongly recommended for all users of:

• Final Cut Studio 5.1
• Final Cut Pro 5.1
• Motion 2.1
• Soundtrack Pro 1.1
• DVD Studio Pro 4.1
• LiveType 2.1
• Compressor 2.1
• Apple Qmaster 2.1
• Final Cut Express HD 3.5

More info and download link here.


  1. But when will DVD Studio Pro offer support for Blu-Ray? It’s kind of weird… You have the software support in DVD Studio Pro for HD-DVD, but no hardware, but you have the hardware available for Blu-Ray, but no software support!

    My HVX200 needs to be unleashed! Hurry it up, Apple!

  2. BlueRay is not being included – yet – by Apple due to a power play with Sony.

    What is going on?

    Movie Downloads. Apple is leveraging iTunes against BlueRay in order to get Sony onboard with movie downloads via iTunes.

    It goes like this: “Sony, give us movies for iTunes, and we’ll start offering the BlueRay drive as an option for our customers, which are highly linked to the authoring industry… If not, we may just decide to go with HD-DVD instead, which will quickly tip the scales of this format race…”

    But this is a two-edge sword for Sony, as the more popular movie downloads become via iTunes and elswhere, (and HD comes aboard), the less relevant physical players and media become.

    If Sony can properly work with reality (very little history here) and Apple, at MWSF ’07 Steve will announce a major deal Sony Pictures.

    iTunes will be the first movie stores to deliver Sony Pictures content in standard AND HD formats (Sony will be the exclusive HD content for six-months on iTunes).

    The trick with Sony’s content (including HD content) is it will be burn-able (one time). Stnd. content to a Superdrive, and/or HD content to a BlueRay drive-n-disc.

    BlueRay drives will initially be options for:
    – Mac Pro
    – MacBook Pro
    – iMac

    When it comes to emerging technologies, Apple has been very successful at determining trends, thus Sony had better be very careful on this front.

    If Sony thrwarts this effort, count on Apple calling their bluff and moving foward with HD-DVD and building an exclusive HD-DVD content deal with the likes of 20th Century Fox with Star Wars being available as an HD download and burn on HD-DVD formats (Lucas wants this anyways).

    So there you go. That is what is going on.

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