Intel’s new new quad-core chips ahead of schedule

“Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini said Tuesday his company will bring out its fastest new chips ahead of schedule, in November, in order to deliver the more realistic images and quicker action that gamers demand,” Tom Abate reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Abate reports, “Built around four processing cores rather than the dual core versions that are Intel’s current top-of-the-line offering, these new quad-core chips were previously expected in 2007.”

“Philip Schiller, senior vice president for marketing at Apple Computer, joined Otellini to tout the successful transition of the Macintosh to Intel chips,” Abate reports.

Full article here.

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  1. This still is stunning…a chipmaker delivering their chips in advance of the expected date. After the years of Moto/IBM stalling, I get a little giddy when I read these kinds of headlines. I’m finally sold on the transition to Intel, now that my emotional side has caught up to the reasonable arguments in favor.

  2. You might believe that Apple has breathed new life into Intel…

    Yeah right, that is why Apple still doesn’t have a Core 2 Duo in a laptop yet. Apple needs to catch up, yay they joined the rest of the world and went Intel x86, now keep up! And for goodness sake speed up your damn OS!

  3. “Where are you now?
    Come out, come out, wherever you are!

    Chipzilla is wide awake and on the loose.”

    The AMD Opteron still beats the Xeon processor in most benchmarks. Unless you’re talking the Core 2 Extreme, which I don’t believe Apple is putting into anything yet, they’re damn pricie. Same with the Quad Cores. It’s going to be a while until you see any of these in an Apple, except maybe a top of the line Mac Pro. Not something your average Joe is going to buy without a second mortgage. But it’s all good, makes the competition work harder, makes everybody work harder. Of course you weenies with your heads up Steve’s ass can’t understand anything until Steve proclaims it from the stage. Oh yes, one more thing,


  4. Ampar,

    I think you’ll find it’s called Penryn, which is then supposed to be followed by Silverthorne.

    It’s also actually worth remembering that the Merom we’re about to get is what was actually originally roadmapped as Gilo. Merom was originally intended to be 90nm geometry and Gilo was the 65nm shrink, so we seem to have missed a generation somewhere along the line, as opposed to the old PowerPC paradigm which was the very embodiment of glacial product evolution.

  5. Every benchmark i’ve seen has even the mid level Core 2 Duo smoking the super high end AMD. See the reviews on Tomshardware and the others… no even close really.

    I’d love to see apple use that sweet little 2.66 conroe in the Imac, that thing just smokes for the price, and is overclockable bigtime.

    Question for the techs amongst us, is it possible to overclock these new CPU’s under Tiger or is it at least possible? tia

    look at those PS scores, and there are newer, faster chips already from Intel, i dont see AMD looking very strong in this review at least.

  6. In the article Intel says that they are hoping to give wireless access everywhere, and connect the TV to the computer. Could that be in line with Apple’s iTV? Maybe the iTV will really be a wireless router/access point, and it can steam content from computer to TV and stero system. This could be powered by a low power Intel processer. I’m getting more excited about the possibility of the iTV and what all it could really bring. $300 seems high for something that just streams movies and music to the TV. So adding a wireless router and other things, who knows what it could be. Apple could easily add a DVD player and a hard drive and keep the price close to $300. Maybe Intel and Apple are closer than people realize. Why wouldn’t the company that a lot of people thought the end was here because of AMD and the company that everyone loves not want to buddy up real close? Intel get’s Apple’s positive press for their computers and Apple gets mentioned a lot during Intel announcements.

  7. Macaday,

    If you’ve been Apple only all your life you might think Apple has breathed life into Intel.

    And I guess when you’re used to underwhelming upgrades every 18-24 months or so this seems amazing.

    But PC hardware nuts have always had new stuff every six months. Too bad they were stuck with Windows. That’s why Apple wasn’t a real choice for them…until now!

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