Report: Apple iTunes 7 update coming soon

“The consensus amongst most early iTunes 7.0 adopters is that the software release — dubbed by Apple chief executive Steve Jobs as the most significant update to iTunes yet — is not the company’s best work,” AppleInsider reports.

“Users around the Web and on Apple’s support forums are reporting an assortment of quality issues since updating to the new version — released last week — such as frequent crashes, poor audio quality and interface graphics anomalies. New gapless playback technology is being blamed for the majority of the bugs,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports,” People with ties to Apple say the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is well aware of the matter and that it’s toiling feverishly to rectify the issues. It hopes to release an update to both the Mac and PC versions of the jukebox software — presumably iTunes 7.0.1 — as soon as possible, those people say.”

Full article here.

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  1. I don’t know anyone personally who’s having these issues, but it’s been on a lot of boards. I’m sure they are out there but I wouldn’t avoid iTunes 7 because of them. For me gapless playback works fine and is the best thing to happen to my library since iTunes itself.

  2. Agreed! This iTunes 7 totally SUCKS!

    What’s wrong is this:

    1: Hundreds of bugs, especially in the Windows version.

    2: Ugly looks, nasty depressing blue grey like Mail.

    3: Media is too large for older machines to handle, hard drive space a concern.

    4: Slow synching to iPods over USB2, (how about a Firewire 800 “mini” port on the top in addition to the slow USB2?)

    5: Coverflow sucks compared to the original verison.

    6: iTunes 7 is bloated and is holding a iTMS buyers purchase habit hostage to force a early upgrade of hardware. Steve seems he can’t wait to get everyone on HDCP, Trusted Computing, EFI snitching Intel processors so he can release the iTV device.

    7: iTunes 7 just too radical of a change, and the buttfsckugly type!!

    What Apple needs to do is not have a “one sized iTunes fit’s all approach” they need to start limiting certain features from even loading into RAM to match particualr hardware.

    The same with the movie and video quality, some machines and internet connections can only handle 320 x 240 and people should have the option to choose that.

    Everyone is crying for 1080p, but it takes several hours to several days to download that quality of content.

    iTunes needs to be more flexible, and Apple needs to drop the “Windows” look alike fit and polish.

    Bring back my happy Apple. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The new iTunes works great for me but the quicktime update that came with it keeps crashing other programs from the iLife suite. My iDVD will crash before it can burn anything thanks to the latest iTunes/Quicktime update. iDVD worked well before this update and I haven’t updated anything else other than quicktime/iTunes. So, those out there that haven’t updated yet. Beware.

  4. Yea this update is making my machine crawl, Apple should have done a incremental release.

    I’m missing tons of my TV shows because I had to revert back to iTunes 6.x and it won’t allow me to buy unless I upgrade.

    I even rebooted my Mac after a power failure, complete outgoing firewall engaged and I got a update popup window.

    Apple must have some sort of backdoor in our machines contacting the internet.

  5. Apple must have some sort of backdoor in our machines contacting the internet.

    If it’s Intel based Mac, that’s most likely a EFI firmware driver. A OS based firewall won’t catch that.

    Interesting Apple is implementing this so early, can’t wait to start selling movies and Hollywood wants HDCP in full force first.

  6. No probs with iTunes or Quicktime directly, but for some damn reason I could NOT close Mail yesterday, nor could I shut down or reboot without pulling the plug. Some program was hogging the CPU something fierce, and after 15 minutes of trying to shut down peacefully, gave up.

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