Creative does Apple’s dirty work by immediately attacking Microsoft’s Zune

“Looking at the press reports and comments this morning you could be forgiven for thinking that Apple’s payoff to Creative had a hidden agenda. The new battle ground is hotting up,” The Business News Source reports.

“Fat with its $100 million cheque from Apple, it seems that Creative is on the attack again – this time though its PR people have launched a full scale assault on one-time-partner, Microsoft,” The Business News Source reports. “In what must be the most amazing stroke of luck for Apple, it seems that the non-iPod player market is turning in on itself whilst Apple sits on the sidelines creaming in more sales and more plaudits. Typical of this PR onslaught is this excerpt below from Information Week:”

Creative Technology has launched a portable media player that will compete against former partner Microsoft’s Zune. Creative, based in Milpitas, Calif., released the Zen Vision W video, photo and music player on Thursday, the same day partner-turned-rival Microsoft unveiled details of Zune, which is expected to ship in time for the holiday season. In announcing the new device, Creative played up its support for and the online retailer’s Unbox movie and video store, which would compete with Microsoft’s Zune online store. Amazon launched Unbox this week.

“The marketing guys at Apple probably can’t believe their luck. To have two strong competitors fighting each other for ‘second place’ is likely to divide and waste their resources and lessen the impact of any marketing campaigns – splitting and confusing the messages to their target audiences,” The Business News Source reports. “Better still neither product is able to touch the newest Apple iPod’s in terms of specification or ‘cool’ appeal. What seems to be a good idea for Creative in the short term, will probably end up benefiting Apple significantly more in the longer term – Bill Gates must be fuming.”

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  1. i knew all along that this is apple’s strategy. apple’s settlement is just to give creative more credibility and leverage to go after other competitors (in this case, microshit) to do apple’s dirty work of squashing potential competitors. i’ve said it here before. Hah!
    Soon, apple will be getting some refund checks from creative.

  2. After seeing the webcast last night (I know, I know, I’ve been working a lot), I’m inclined to think that Apple has just decided “Screw it, we’re putting everybody out of business”.

    With the new nano and shuffle (and a better video iPod on the way) not to mention iTunes 7, I really can’t imagine why anyone would bother with anything else…

    $79 for the new shuffle? Wow, I just recently gave my 1st Gen 512K to my son, so I might go order two of the new ones.


  3. Creative’s Zen Vision W seems to be a strong competitor to Zune. Unfortunately, compared to Zen Vision, Zune looks and functions more like a embarrassingly inferior prototype from 2002 than a commercially viable product for 2007. It would seem that Zen Vision will be a stocking stuffer for good boy and girls, while the naughty ones will get coal with their Zunes.

  4. Too bad there are so many folks out there without brains, a few of the uninformed will buy Microslop Zunes by mistake (thinking a white player with a wheel thingy is a player, is a player, is a player) and then be sad, very sad.

    WOW, I could’a had’a iPod

  5. Security Pro:

    Just, what do those urban legends have to do with reality?

    On topic:
    Yeah, let let Creative pinch and poke at Microsoft’s zunes. We can sit back and watch the fun.

    After all, Creative players and the Zune ARE for the Wal-Mart crowd. Fat, slow-moving and dumb.

    And why, oh WHY can’t I get an 8GB iPod nano in GREEN?

  6. What seems to be a good idea for Creative in the short term, will probably end up benefiting Apple significantly more in the longer term – Bill Gates must be fuming.”

    While you can’t deny that Gates has built the world’s largest, richest software company, in my opinion he is a total idiot, devoid of imagination and vision.

    Instead of making his products better, he blames his business partners for failing against Apple, and launches a product that competes not just with Apple, but with his business partners as well.

    You know you have won, when your enemy begins eating its young. No amount of Microsft supported press is going to reverse the iPod steamroller. Time for the Thurrott’s and Enderle’s to find other employment.

  7. > Creative, based in Milpitas, Calif., released the Zen Vision W video, photo and music player on Thursday…

    Too bad it’s not available. I wanted to see the price, so I tried to go through the online store at Surprise (not really), it’s not available for purchase. All you get is a product description.

    Not available, no pricing details… sounds familiar. But that’s actually one better than Microsoft. At least Creative gives a complete description of its product.

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