NY Times: Apple’s new iPod models ‘come dazzlingly close to perfection’

“Apple, these days, is an innovation factory. The company releases so many products, so often, you get the idea that everyone there just runs around yelling ideas,” David Pogue writes for The New York Times.

Pogue covers Apple’s announcements:

• New iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle
• iTunes 7
• Movie Store

“Apple’s fourth announcement this week addresses that last problem. It’s a $300 box, called the iTV for now and scheduled for release early next year. It’s designed to connect to your TV (with HDMI or component jacks) and play — without wires — all of the movies, videos, photos and music that sit on your Mac or PC elsewhere in the house,” Pogue writes.

Pogue writes, “There are advantages to downloading your movies, like immediacy and convenience. It’s nice, too, that your movies play in several places at once (on up to five computers and unlimited iPods), which isn’t possible with a DVD. Over all, though, it may take quite awhile for movie downloads — even Apple’s — to go mainstream.”

“Apple’s digital music system is another story. You can resent Apple all you want, you can call its admirers fanboys, and you can gripe that songs from iTunes don’t work on any pocket player except the iPod,” Pogue writes. “What you can’t do, however, is find a better online music store, or a free jukebox program as powerful and clean as iTunes. And you certainly won’t find a music player that beats the new iPods in polish, capacity or even price. They come dazzlingly close to perfection.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “inept 123” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Songs from iTunes can be burned to CDs and imported into any “pocket player.” They also play on Motorola iTunes-enabled pocket-sized mobile phones.

[UPDATE: 4:29pm EDT: Added MDN note above. Thanks, Brainy.]

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  1. First post? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    This guy is damn right… with all the prejudices you might have when it comes to Apple users… iTunes and iPod are a very good picture how things can be: Easy and seemingless. Even or better said especially on a PC, iTunes is an outstanding easy to handle Software. Took me 13 years to find out that Macs are not like grey, over-priced boxes with a complicated OS… Times have changed… I hope not only for me.

  2. Not only can you burn songs to a CD to get them from iTunes onto another player, you can take any of the CD’s you already own, import them into iTunes and if your player is seen as a hard drive by your mac, you can just drag and drop the songs directly onto your non-iPod player.
    Why you’d want to use something other than an iPod is up to you and I won’t second guess you there. But you do have a choice of players, even with iTunes.

    (Yes, I know that DRM songs will not be moved out of iTunes to another player unless you first burn a CD and then import them back in)

  3. I wish people would stop saying that it’s compatible with other players because you can burn a cd and reimport it.

    1. You lose quality on a download that is already pretty bad.
    2. It’s illegal and violates your iTunes license.

    The thruth is that it isn’t compatible. Thats why we should all be buying DRM free music.

  4. Jay, your logic–if we can call it that–completely escapes me. Why does the fact that iTunes uses a pretty reasonable DRM mean that we should be using DRM-free music only?

    Further, where in the iTunes license does it say that re-importing a song from a CD burned from iTunes is prohibited? Closest I could find is this:

    You shall be entitled to export, burn (if applicable) or copy Products solely for personal, noncommercial use. You shall not be entitled to burn Video Products.

    You shall be authorized to burn an audio playlist up to seven times.

    You shall be able to store Products from up to five different Accounts on certain devices, such as an iPod, at a time.

    Any burning (if applicable) or exporting capabilities are solely an accommodation to you and shall not constitute a grant or waiver (or other limitation or implication) of any rights of the copyright owners in any audio or video content, sound recording, underlying musical composition, or artwork embodied in any Product.

    You agree that you will not attempt to, or encourage or assist any other person to, circumvent or modify any security technology or software that is part of the Service or used to administer the Usage Rules.

    And that language does not on its face make re-importation illegal; it could be interpreted that way, esp. the last sentence if that is the conclusion someone already wanted to reach. But the practice is not explicitly permitted or prohibited. Maybe I missed it; if so, someone highlight the language please.

  5. I think iTV is Apple’s Intel Viiv box or part of one. It is the same size and shape as a Mac mini that could house the Viiv chipset and a Blue Ray or HD-DVD or combo drive.

    Together they will enable any TV or computer display to play any DRM’d HD DVD’s.

    MacWorld in Jan. 2007 will be entertaining, pun intended.

  6. thoeme;

    It’s not intended to be a complete solution; a DVR function would compete with the ITS. They don’t want you to record your favorite TV show, they want you to buy it from ITS and download it.

    That said, you can always pick up an eyeTV to do that for you, attached to your Mac, import it into iTunes, THEN stream it to your TV with the iTV. Or use Handbrake to rip your DVDs, import, then stream.

    Get over it, this is version 1, and it’s not even released yet, it hasn’t really been officially announced. That was a SNEAK PEEK the other day, and probably didn’t include all of its feature set. PLus, look at where the iPod was at ver 1.0: 5 GB, small res b&w screen, no Windows functionality, etc. Now look at it today; where do you think the iTV will be at a similar point in its evolution in the future?

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