Apple’s iTunes 7 shows some glitches

“Users on Apple’s web forums and our own tipsters are reporting that some new nanos aren’t being recognized in Windows iTunes 7, music being played through iTunes 7 sounds ‘scratchy’ at times, CoverFlip doesn’t always entirely download properly, and there are allegations that iTunes 7 has become, slow, bloated, and a resource hog. Some of us here at Engadget who have installed iTunes 7 haven’t noticed any bad playback or other slowdowns,” Cyrus Farivar reports for Engadget.

Full article here.

“Although Apple has yet to respond to these claims, its record in fixing iTunes problems has hitherto been very good,” Simon Aughton reports for PC Pro.

Aughton reports, “One issue that is has addressed is that of Mac users who have found that they can no longer stream music via AirPort and AirPort Express. Apple explains that the problem occurs where IPv6 networking, which is on by default, has been disabled. AirPort is restored once IPv6 is re-enabled via the Network System Preferences.”

Full article here.

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  1. One thing I disoovered is that if you select multiple songs and then try to drag album cover art into the “Drag album cover art” box in the lower left hand cover it doesn’t import the art like it used to do in previous versions. You have to “get info” on all of the selected songs and drag the art to the little box in THAT dialog to get it to work.

  2. One thing I don’t like about the iTunes version of CoverFlow (not “CoverFlip” as the article calls it) is that you can’t drag images right onto the album representation in the CoverFlow window. That was so much easier in the standalone CoverFlow app. I also wish you could import images from the original app into iTunes–would save me a lot of time with albums that iTunes doesn’t have. I believe CoverFlow originally searched for images on Amazon, which has a much wider selection.

  3. It’s actually a big speed improvement for me. Better look, and the cover art thing is cool. Store loads quicker too.

    But I do get a weird doubling sometimes when using shared library from my other mac. I’m sure it’ll be fixed on the next update.

  4. The problems I am experiencing are:

    A change in volume during playback, and

    I was playing a song today and added the cover art and the song immediately lost its good sound and became tinny, sort of mono sounding. Very strange.

    I also noticed this has happened to a few other songs as well. They seem to have lost their soul.

  5. 7.0 feels pretty bloated to me. It hasn’t found a lot of artwork that I expected it to find (though that doesn’t kill me). AirTunes has been spotty, but it’s always been kind of spotty for me (I wish Apple would release an AirportExpress with a 1 or 2GB flash drive, so it can have a nice big buffer, like the iPod.

    HOwever, almost all of my complaints are nullified by the fact that it does gapless playback. That’s awesome.

  6. DO NOT INSTALL IT YET, is my advice.

    It has been a sputtering dog on both my DP G4 1.25 ghz PowerMac and 1.0 ghz G4 laptop, both running 10.4.7. I have 4000 songs and some video clips in the desktop. The laptop only has about 30 songs in it.

    – The interface moves VERY slow and the screens do not draw correctly. It crashed repeatedly until I un-checked the “remember view setting for each source” in the general preferences.

    – CoverFlow looks great but it tends to stick as I try and scroll through the cover art.

    – Adding artwork to multiple albums does not work like it did in previous iTunes. I need to do it to each song individually.

    – I can no longer crop the cover art image like previous versions. I went to Amazon to get cover art, but now it has a white border around them and I cannot crop the image to get rid of it.

    Expect an update from Apple very soon.

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