Mark Cuban: Things that are special about Apple’s announcements

“Obviously quite a bit is going to be written about Apple’s new releases… Hopefully I can cover new ground,” Mark Cuban blogs for Blog Maverick.

There are a couple things that are special about Apple’s announcement today as it pertains to Movies and TV shows.
1. 80GB iPod hard drive
2. 1.5mbs encoding speed for “near DVD quality”
3. iPod interface now viewable on your HDTV

“So what does this mean to video on the net for everyone else? For movies, nothing. Nada. Downloading wont get any faster. DRM is still a nightmare. High Definition video from the net is still a nightmare. In fact, the best way to beat Apple in this game is for cable and satellite companies to push as much content as possible to HD. The greater the expectation for HD content from consumers, the less value to consumers for downloading movies,” Cuban writes. “For TV shows, its still a great idea. Selling TV shows is found money for Apple and producer.”

“And of course retailers continue to be big losers in this. Apple gets a movie store with unlimited inventory, for no inventory cost (that we know of), at a price that appears to be lower than what retailers currently sell many DVDs for. (unless of course Disney withholds certain DVDs from Apple in the future and only makes less popular titles avialable day and date with their DVD release. Retailers are asked to stock their shelves and warehouses, deal with carrying and marketing costs and sell their products at what looks like premium pricing,” Cuban writes.

Cuban writes, “Which means it wouldnt be a surprise if retailers sent a loud and clear message to non Disney related studios about the direction their stocking orders will go if they cooperate with Apple.”

Full article here.

Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

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  1. Don’t forget that Cuban has a stake against Apple in this game with his HDNet property, so it’s not exactly like his opinions are neutral here.

    Of course he wants HD to be the next big thing because that’s how he’ll make money. He doesn’t want Apple’s way to succeed because that would leave him out in the cold.

  2. “”And of course retailers continue to be big losers in this.”

    Innovate or die? BTW, how’s that Wal-Mart online music store doing?

    I was at the Apple Store, Lenox Square, Atlanta, yesterday. No new iPods but the 24-inch iMac was tempting.

  3. The online movie business will not take off until user will have the choice to buy or rent.

    Let’s see how long it take schmollywood to figure this out. Bonus point for any studio that will make their 100 years worth of movies available on demand. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. I thought Steves performance looked very canned and he lacked the old zest and fire he used to bring to these rollouts. His eyes were pretty well glued to the teleprompter throughout. Now granted, he is the CEO of a big company (not a real rock star who can flop around snorting coke and smok’n dope).

    All grousing aside, I thought the “special event” was cool. I watched it on my MacMini on my bigscreen.

    Go AAP:

  5. “Near DVD quality” video on what Steve calls “a big flat panel TV”?

    I don’t think so. Maybe when the HD version comes out. And, knowing Apple, that could very well be in early 2007.

    What Steve showed yesterday seems to me like a product that could’ve been out a couple of years ago.

    Nothing to get me excited.

  6. Sounds like Mark needs to move up north to Keller, TX (just outside of Dallas) where Verizon has fiber to the home. 5 megs? It can do that with its eyes closed, hands behind its back and peeing at the same time, which I don’t recommend doing. That was the weirdest sobriety test I ever took, and the two policemen in skirts with a boombox playing disco music that gave it to-Hey, Wait A MINUTE!

  7. As someone who lives in the UK, I reckon the BBC are down on Apple not because they are an American company but because they are future competition. It seems to me that someone at the Beeb has realised that there’s not too long to go before we, the customers, will have a real alternative to the crap that the Corporation is currently happy to churn out in return for an exhorbitant license fee (‘Pets Win Prizes’ anyone?).

    British television is currently going through its worst ever phase of dumbing down with companies only too happy to produce masses of rubbish reality TV and other recycled ideas. They must be caking their nylons at the thought of viewers getting top films and other attractive shows without even getting off their asses and having to go down to the local video store.

    Here’s to a true multi-media future.

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