High-quality photos of Apple’s new 2G iPod nano

“While Apple’s updated fifth-gen video iPods are not as widely available as expected, the new second-gen iPod nanos began arriving in the United States in somewhat limited quantities on Wednesday,” AppleInsider reports.

“Each new nano ships in a completely translucent, hard plastic container that elegantly showcases the player while neatly tucking away the few accessories it includes,” AppleInsider reports. “Along with the iPod, Apple packs a pair of headphones, an accessory adapter, USB cable and iPod nano Quick Start booklet. The player no longer ships with a protective sleve.”

“Although the new nano is precisely the same height and width of its predecessor, Apple has conveniently (for its margins) offset the dock connector by about a millimeter, making the new nano completely incompatible with the first-generation iPod nano dock,” AppleInsider reports.

“Similarly, users will also have to plunk down extra change for a new pair of iPod nano lanyard head phones — the new nano’s headphone jack is spaced further away from the dock connector,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider has many very nice close-up unboxing photos here.

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  1. for those who don’t like the look of the new nano . . . my guess is that the next iPod (6G) will look more like it. looking at a picture of the current ipod, new nano, and new shuffle you can easily tell which one sticks out.

    that’s my prediction.

  2. Yesterday, Steve was bragging about how the smaller packaging would save a bunch of fossil fuel ‘moving these things around’ (hauling them from China).

    If Steve wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of Apple’s packaging and marketing they could replace the plastic with cardboard. It takes a lot of oil and energy to make the plastic for the package.

    Greener, but not green enough.

  3. Plastic packaging takes less energy (i.e., ‘fossil fuels’) to produce and ship than cardboard packaging. Unless, of course, you think cardboard is more “green” because it is unattractive and customers couldn’t see the nano, therefore buying a lot fewer of them.
    Bob from MN

  4. “Plastic packaging takes less energy (i.e., ‘fossil fuels’) to produce”?
    Wow, that’s news to me.

    Steve is using the green angle as a marketing tool. Paper is easily recycleable AND biodegradable, unlike plastic. The real reason the packaing is smaller now is because it no longer has an instalation CD (which coincidentally saves them money), I guess Apple expects people to download the SW from the Web, or it’s included in the Nano itself.

  5. miserable,

    I wish you had turned that saleswoman in to her store manager. Who knows if the manager would have cared but it would have been worth it in case the manager did care. I would have complained. Unbelievable.

  6. Re: Miserable Apple Store experience

    I am absolutely dumbfounded. If I were there and had been in the right mood, I would have…

    1) Opened up the iTMS on the internet-connected Macs right in the store and shown that idiot that the price hadn’t changed.
    2) Reported the incident to a manager.

    You expect crap like this from Best Buy and CompUSA. Not from Apple’s own employees.

  7. FACT: People like colours.

    FACT: Different people like different colours in different situations.

    FACT: The new metallic finish of the nanos will be far more durable than to the old plastic, resulting in far fewer complaints.

  8. me:

    I do appreciate your meticulousness. “not me” is a hopelessly dim-witted individual who probably plagiarized the majority of his/her papers because he/she was too unimaginative and too unintelligent to develop an originally perspicacious thought.

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