Apple Computer shares close up 2.2% to lead tech gainers

“Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) shares rose $1.57, or more than 2%, to end the day at $74.20 and lead the tech sector on a day of gains,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple rose one day after the company revamped its line of iPods and showed off a forthcoming digital-media hub product [“iTV”] at an event in San Francisco,” Crum reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Oh, StoooooooooooooockBooooooooooooooy!

    Is THIS most recent run-up of AAPL part of your vaunted predictions as well?

    Not since the demise of the Flat-Earthers has someone been SO EMBARRASSINGLY WRONG about something so obviously right!

    RIP, Stockboy. The financial world has done rolled on without ya’!

  2. I echo Vinita Boy’s call for stockboy. Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! He dare not show his face here since the stock was down to about $50 and he told us that it was going lower.

    I just reviewed the charts for 1 day, 5 day, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and the life of the company. All look beautiful! My entry points have made me a lot of money!!!!

  3. Thank you Jimbo von Muhammed and Vinita Boy (the one and same person) for again bringing up my wonderfully wise prediction that I made in Jan – Feb 2006 that Apple would trade in a range no higher than $65-$70. Then depending whatever news transpired after that time period Apple would break out of that range; higher or lower I did not predict. My prediction was for the 6 months after Jan-Feb 2006 (when Jimbo was predicting $110,$120 and higher). It did take a month or so longer than I thought to edge out of the trading range.

    The next news that moves Apple stock will be:
    – Sales of iPods
    – Steve´s health
    – Microsoft news

    And Jimbo, if you were so smart you would have sold when the stock was high and bought on the dips…dumb and dumber Jimbo.
    It´s easy to buy stock, it takes real cajones to know when to sell.

  4. Hey, StockBoy . . .

    I challenged you a couple of days ago to swap the names of our brokers so we could compare portfolios (via a neutral third party) to see which of us has 1) made more in the market in the past 20 years and, more specifically, 2) made more trading and investing in AAPL.

    You never responded! Why? Do you actually HAVE an active portfolio with a recognized firm trading on American stock exchanges? If you DO, let’s get it on, Big Mouth. I will wager any amount you wish UP FRONT that Jimbo and I will make you look like the fool and pauper you are when it comes to this equity. (Once again, smartass, you’d better be prepared to top 5,600 shares, average purchase price $10.50 to play this game.)

    So, what’s it going to be, StockBoy? Cojones shriveling?

    And–for anyone else brand new to the MDN site–this blowhard never, ever made the kind of “predictions” about AAPL that he’s touting now. NEVER, and we all know it. He (and someone named “SELL SELL SELL”) proclaimed that Apple was heading into the toilet, and only a few disreputable brokerage houses were keeping it above the low 40’s.

    You are either a lying sack of crap, StockBoy, or Alzheimer is your middle name. Which is it, “PoorBoy”?

    Gonna’ take me up on my challenge? My broker and lawyer are standing by!

  5. Let’s play a game Stockboy. Starting today, right here, right now. What’s your prediction about AAPL for the rest of the year? It’s $74.20 at present. What should we all do from now on? If you were so very right in the past, surely you can call the future just as easily. Got my checkbook all ready to go. What do you say?

  6. For the record, Vinita Boy and I are separate people. For the second record, I’d go on that challenge with VB as well. “Me” points out that I don’t make money until I sell. I’ve sold quite a few times and made hefty profits. Of course, divesting and investing should go hand in hand. Believe me, they have.

    Go back to stocking the shelves, stock boy. Your backtracking on your predictions is just too funny!

  7. Bill Gates has made more money in the stock market than Jimbo and Vinita combined times 10. So there! Bill Gates is smarter than you both. Balmer is smarter too.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” />

  8. British journalists are anti apple (I’m a Brit) and it pisses me off. However the Independent had a pretty cool review of the ‘showtime’. I see this as the foundation of the full wave of total apple dominance in everyones personal media experience . . . . the phone will come, the video iPod is just a sniff away . . . the stock will zoom, it’s simple.

  9. I’m the fool who bought in big at the 52-week high.

    I sold my house and put everything in to apple early this year. I was hoping that the product Steve introduced as iTV would be announced and ready to ship before Christmas, complete with HDTV resolution and HDTV episodes via iTMS.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think Apple is moving in that direction.

    But I still have $6.00 per share to go before we return to my buy-in price, and when you times that by the number of shares I’m sitting on, that’s a lot of dough. And that’s not counting what I’m spending now on rent, which has been adding up for 8 months now…

    C’mon, stock move! C’mon, Apple! Baby needs shoes!

  10. V-Boy: “I challenged you a couple of days ago to swap the names of our brokers so we could compare portfolios (via a neutral third party)”

    Well, gee, that is real childish. What does it prove?

    “Do you actually HAVE an active portfolio with a recognized firm trading on American stock exchanges?”

    And if he doesn´t so what? The guy or girl (whomeever stockboy is) just said that Apple would not go higher than $65-$70 for around 6 months.
    You need a stock account to make a prediction?????? ROTFL

    I don´t have a stock account and I predict Apple stock will go higher, then lower, then higher, then lower.

    “My broker and lawyer are standing by!”
    V-Boy your shorts are on just a little too tight. Take off thealuminum hat and go for awalk with Jimbo v.W.

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