CNET reviews Apple 24-inch iMac Core 2 Duo: ‘an unparalleled bargain’

“As recently as two weeks ago, all-in-one PCs in Australia were pretty much limited to Apple’s 20-inch iMac. We like the 20-inch iMac, but it doesn’t offer a screen that’s big enough for satisfying video. Apple’s new 24-inch iMac Core 2 Duo changes the all-in-one game. Its configuration and upgrade possibilities have shortcomings compared to other desktops on the market (like most all-in-one PCs), but no other system can compete with the baseline AU$2,999 (US$1999) 24-incher for value, ease of use, or strength of design. If you’re looking for a system to use strictly for computing tasks, you can find a more powerful system for the money from other vendors. As a digital entertainment device that also serves up computing capabilities, however, the 24-inch Apple iMac is an unparalleled bargain,” Rich Brown reports for CNET.

“While other desktops in the iMac’s price class start with 2GB of memory, offer a wider range of hard drive and graphics card options, and include TV tuners and media card readers, the iMac provides a limited number of configuration choices. It becomes a surprisingly good deal, however, when you look at the system as a whole–monitor and software included. We haven’t seen a PC that comes with a software bundle that can rival the apps you get with a Mac,” Brown reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]

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  1. Strewth you yankie drongos don’t know jack and ya dun know how bloody good ya got it!

    We Ockers down under have to cough up a swag more of the green stuff before we can have a Big Mac.

    I’m not comin’ the raw prawn when I tell ya we are being ripped off by the price diff.

    Bloody h’way robbery if ya ask me.


  2. Yo, yo Bill my boy–

    Get that jive time turkey Mr. Howard to lift the bogus tariffs on foreign electronics. Then have him do something about the exchange rate of the Aussie dollar. You don’t come the raw prawn I won’t dis’ ya’. Stood?

  3. Hello Darkness
    As far as know we don’t have tariffs on electronics. We are heavily into free trade, even if it kills us. The only exceptions are animal and vegetable things. These are regulated so we don’t mess up our environment any more than we already have… which is a lot.

    We also can’t adjust our exchange rate other than by working hard and exporting more… or importing less. It floats to wherever the market thinks it should.

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