Apple gives sneak peek of ‘iTV’ set-top box to debut Q1 2007

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today previewed a half-size Mac mini-like set top box codenamed “iTV” that is slated for release in the first quarter of 2007.

“Enjoy your media on big screen TV, works with PCs or Macs, Coming in Q1 2007, $299.”

The “iTV” is connected to your TV and allows you to access all of the media (movies, TV shows, music, photos, and podcasts) that’s on your Mac or Windows PC running iTunes.

The $299 “iTV” will feature a next-gen Front Row interface the box with the following announced features:
• Built-in power supply (no power brick)
• USB 2.0
• Optical Audio
• HDMI port
• Component Video RCA stereo audio ports (for older sets)
• Apple Remote compatible
• Ethernet
• 802.11 wireless networking

Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

Steve Jobs begins talking about iTV in the QuickTime video of today’s presentation at the 52:25 mark here.

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  1. All the media outlets are focusing on the iPod or the movie store and merely mentioning this device (and its implications). Apple unveiled it’s media strategy for your home and life today and no one seems to realize this. Instead of a Media PC hooked up to the TV, your mac/PC is a server that distributes the media to everything. Why are none of the so called “journalists” putting things together? If this takes off Apple will have total control of your personal media. This is the real story not the new nano. MS should be very concerned.

  2. I think they should add a DVD drive to that device. That will take out one DVD player that I have in the setup. I don’t think it should be that hard for them to do that.

    If they are able to do that much, then, all they need is to integrate this device into an existing plasma TV, and release a new iMac like iTV that has a built-in processor, DVD player. That’s all one is asking for.

  3. Why, when Apple is usually so secret, did they bring this out now since in won’t be available until after Christmas? Are they trying to stake a claim or something? Was there not enough ‘wow’ in the special event? I don’t get it.

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