More trouble at Dell

“The bad news for Dell isn’t over yet,” R.M. Schneiderman reports for Forbes. “On Monday the direct-sale computer giant announced it is delaying filing its second-quarter results because of an informal investigation into the company’s accounting by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Schneiderman reports, “The U.S. Justice Department and the audit committee of Dell’s board of directors also are looking into the matter. The Justice Department has subpoenaed documents relating to Dell’s financial reporting as far back as 2002. Dell shares fell more than 4% in early trading on Monday.”

Full article here.

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  1. How to turn a lemon into lemonade.

    SEC: We need those financial records.

    Dell: Um, they blew up.

    SEC: And the back up files?

    Dell: Yeah, well, they blew up, too.

    SEC: So, you have no financial records at all?

    Dell: Yeah, just our luck, huh?

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