Apple to repair ‘random shutdown MacBooks’ free of charge

“Apple Computer has acknowledged that a problem exists with some of its Intel MacBooks where the notebook computers may intermittently shut down, but has vowed to fix those systems free of charge,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Some MacBooks may shut down intermittently under normal use,’ the Mac maker wrote in a memo to some of its service providers this week. ‘If this issue occurs on your customer’s MacBook and the computer meets certain requirements, Apple will cover replacement of the affected parts under warranty,'” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “In its memo to service providers, Apple mandates that affected MacBooks be repaired with a matching logic board and heatsink set. This new logic board and heatsink combo part should be available to service providers by the end of this week, the company said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]


  1. Um, yeah… so we should be happy that Apple is repairing a defect for free (when it SHOULD be covered under warranty anyways!).

    I guess we should be happy that Apple has informed service providers. The Apple store I returned my MacBook to knew about the RSD a few weeks ago.

    Now if the parts would just get here!

  2. “Um, yeah… so we should be happy that Apple is repairing a defect for free (when it SHOULD be covered under warranty anyways!).”

    That’s the problem with intermittent errors that are unduplicatable; the failure somehow has to be verified and a fix determined.
    When a small, but vocal, proportion of the MacBook users report this problem but it can’t be duplicated what is Apple to do? Repair an unknown problem?
    What this report is saying more than anything is that they recognize the problem and have determined a fix. It is still covered under warranty.

  3. My macbook had this problem. I took it to the apple store in OakBrook, IL, and the guy replaced it on the spot. He even extended the warranty to a year from when the replacement was issued, instead of from when I first purchased it.

    But “Reality Check”, I couldn’t agree more.

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