Apple files upgraded trademark for iMovie

“On August 22, the European Office of Harmonization published Apple’s latest trademark/service mark application number 005269221 for ‘IMOVIE.’ The European filing was prepared by Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP of London which notes no priority filing. However, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office officially lists Apple’s iMovie as a registered trademark under application number 2,723, 051 dating back to July 2003 in addition application number 75/782,838 officially registered in China dating back to August 1999,” Neo reports for MacNN. “So what’s changed?”

Neo reports, “The difference in this new filing in contrast to Apple’s original filing is that the original filing only listed International Class 9 covering computer hardware and software whereas the new European filing lists additional International Classes 38, 41 and 42 which cover the following: communications and telecommunications services, entertainment and education services; provision of electronic publications (not downloadable); providing on-line electronic publications and computer hardware and software consulting services; rental of computer hardware and software apparatus and equipment.”

Neo reports, “In light of Apple’s September 12th ‘Showtime’ media event which is now expected to include Apple’s official launching of their iTMS iMove services, it stands to reason why Apple had to officially upgrade their trademark to include the new classifications of services…”

Full article, including the full provisions covered by the specific International Classes which Apple has listed in their European application filing, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jayplus” for the heads up.]

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  1. Selling iTMS movies is going to fail eventually, they just take up too much room on hard drives and eventually will cost too much.

    Netflix & Handbrake.

    On average over 95% of iPod owners have less than 200 iTMS songs on their computers.

    iPods screens are tiny.

  2. perhaps apple is being literal with “It’s Showtime”

    I dont think apple will have both iTunes (for music/tv shows) and iMovie (for movies). That is not the apple way.

    Maybe they are releasing a new app called Showtime……..

    Nevermind, Showtime the pay channel already exists.

  3. This is great… I was always queasy when iTunes, a music jukebox, was handling TV shows, which have nothing to do with music. Now it looks like Apple is doing something it should have done a while ago — create a separate free app to handle video playback. (In conjunction with its settop device.)

  4. ==
    “Selling iTMS movies is going to fail eventually, they just take up too much room on hard drives and eventually will cost too much.

    Netflix & Handbrake.”

    What a stupidly short-sighted comment.

    1. Get on a webrowser and go to NetFlix.
    2. Start a Netflix account.
    3. Create a wishlist of movies to watch
    4. Wait for (a limited amount of) DVDs to show up in the mail.
    (Note this involves DVDs being warehoused, then picked, then packaged then sent by plane and truck and by carrier to your house. How much gas is being used? How much total traffic/pollution is due to NetFlix alone? It’s archaic)
    5. Use Handbrake to rip the movies to the computer and convert to iPod format. (This step can take many hours and assumes the DVD isn’t protected with ARCCOS or somesuch.)
    6. Repeat for each DVD = TEDIOUS.
    7. Return the DVDs
    8. Repeat until you realize you are a sucker, wasting both your own time and your computer’s limited use lifetime spent on trivial crap.

    Process can take entire days.


    1. Start iTunes and click Movies link
    3. Browse/sample movies
    4. Purchase
    5. Download

    Even if downloading 1 movie takes 8 hours it’s still a better solution than NetFlix and Handbrake.

  5. Hmmmm, It funny how we get stuck on just Apple products. Going on a trip? Download a couple of movies, some tunes, work data, etc on to your new iPod.

    Plug in your video glasses with stero ear plugs and watch full screen video and surround sound from your seat. The glasses already exist, they are just expensive. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Think different!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  6. Plug in your video glasses with stero ear plugs and watch full screen video and surround sound from your seat. The glasses already exist, they are just expensive.

    EZGears EZVision is only $600, and I know one guy that sells them for about $450.

  7. “Why does everyone think that a movie has to be downloaded in its entirety to be watched? Hasn’t anyone ever heard of a “cache” and “streaming”?”

    I agree. Just need to make sure playback is flawless and that there is a huge buffer.

  8. Is it possible Apple Computer will create a whole new store, separate from iTMS, using a system of mirrored servers to expedite the download service of video-on-demand?

    Personally, I would like to see something like that, especially if it will segregate music from video traffic. Also, a video network with its marketing strategies would be handled somewhat differently than music sales, in my mind anyway.

    Streaming has to be a major factor in setting up a video network. Unlike music sales, which more often than not is a direct download, it certainly seems plausible to implement movie and film feeds in much the same manner many of us watch broadcast keynotes. Some of those have been 90 minutes in length and I didn’t have any problems staying comfortable in an office chair for those sessions.

    In fact I wouldn’t have a problem watching a 40 minute, commercial-free television sit-com while sitting at the computer.

    What would be really sweet though, is if Apple introduced, next Tuesday, some kind of Apple-esque HD-TVR/Home Theater box at a 400 dollar price-point.

    Better still, for me anyway, would be a HD-TVR pass-through box (minus hard drive) with plenty of I/O ports and capability to add an option hard drive or a video iPod for 150 bucks! Sorta like a iPod dock on steroids…

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