InfoWorld’s Yager: Apple will take computing to the next level with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

InfoWorld’s Tom Yager dedicates this week’s Ahead of the Curve column to Apple’s decision to make Leopard fully UNIX compliant.

Praising Mac OS X using an orchestra analogy, Yager writes, “Commercial Linux is a gigantic stage filled with competing, gifted soloists. UNIX is an orchestra of high reputation playing in a hall that is a gracious historic landmark. OS X is that orchestra, but one that has been moved to a lavish hall. Apple, Darwin, and BSD will take computing to the next level by showing equal regard for tradition, performance, and users.”

Full article here.

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  1. The Unix core in OS X is the reason I bought Apple stock 4 years ago. Being a Unix type, I understood the possibilities. And it just keeps getting better and better. But I agree with someone above, hasn’t OS X been posix compliant since the beginning? Was the literature lying? I also agree with the author. Linux is doomed by its insistence on diversity and embracing basically amateur code. OS X and FreeBSD on which it’s based are rock solid, well documented, and secure. I love being able to monitor my OS from a Unix cammand line.

  2. Windows is an out of tune violin(ist) surrounded by half a dozen neanderthals with wire cutters….

    Windows is all the instruments of the orchestra melded into one huge, massive spaghetti instrument that sounds like hell on earth…

    Windows is a grand piano where the keys are randomly placed on, under and beside it to make Micrudsoft “user friendly”…

    Windows is the orchestra that has Ballmer conducting and every player having the score of a different symphony resulting in in the well known ‘Redmond cacophony’…

    Windows is the sounds of an orchestra where the symbals are replaced by chair throwers…

  3. Fred Mertz At least the chimp has a clue, it seeks the simplest soloution, hungry . . food, in heat . . . shag. MS thinks the most complicated soloution will work, it will not, they will fail, heaping crap upon crap. OSX is the pure and simple soloution . . . it works, just like a chimp.

  4. I am offended by the picture. It is not at all appropriate. Just the idea that Windows is like a chimpanzee playing–whatever musical instrument that is–is an insult to the intelligence, dignity, and professionalism of chimpanzees everywhere.

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