iPod-manufacturer Foxconn cuts damage claim to against journalists to 1 renminbi (US$0.13)

Apple Store“The iPod manufacturer at the heart of a furor over the treatment of workers in China has reduced the damages it is seeking from a pair of journalists accused of defaming the company,” Dan Nystedt reports for IDG News Service.

Nystedt reports, “Hong Fujin Precision Industry, the largest exporter of IT products in China, slashed the amount it is seeking to 1 renminbi (US$0.13) because the original figure, 30 million renminbi, had blurred the issue at hand, a company representative said Thursday. The company also requested that the courts unfreeze the journalists’ bank accounts and other assets.”

“‘To refocus the public’s attention back to the real issue, [Hong Fujin] will withdraw the provisional seizure motion,’ it said in a statement posted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange by its Taiwanese parent company, Hon Hai Precision Industry. The companies operate under the trade name Foxconn Technology Group. But the company also added the publisher of the report, the China Business News, to the lawsuit as a defendant,” Nystedt reports.

Nystedt reports, “Hong Fujin is seeking redress through the defamation lawsuit after a whirlwind of bad publicity provoked by allegations that it treated workers poorly. The story was one of many to follow in the wake of an article by the British newspaper Mail on Sunday alleging long hours, low pay and poor working conditions at the site in Longhua, China, which produces iPods and other IT products.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Qka” for the heads up.]

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  1. Screw that. Shoddy journalism should be punished. I”m sick of these dirt balls getting away with made up stories and zero fact checking and just trying to extend their liberal agendas. F them!

  2. “I”m sick of these dirt balls getting away with made up stories and zero fact checking and just trying to extend their liberal agendas.”

    Yeah you wouldn’t want to confuse liberal’s made up stories and misinformation with the neo-conservatives misinformation agenda in the U.S. The world isn’t big enough for liars on both sides of the political spectrum.

  3. 13 cents can mean the difference between making money and losing money in stocks, so 13 cents is still money, without 13 cents you cant park your car at a metered parking and get a ticket for $200 and if you fail to pay, you will get locked up which will result in stress or if you do pay its still stress but that stress will develop into cancer in your mind or even worse that stress can end up getting you into a traffic accident which will not kill you but hospitilize you for life. which means you womt be able to get a clean shave on your own and all the visitors that come seee you at the hospital will be grossed out and you will be so embaressed that you wish you were dead. but the laws wont permit you to kill yourself.

    so lets not ignore 13 cents, it is still money.

  4. If people were charged $0.13 to post on this forum, I have quite a feeling people would only say things worth while… or not at all. Judging by the previous posts, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Perhaps, since this is MDN, we should look at $0.13 from Apple’s perspective? The prices on studio displays have recently dropped by $100 or more on several occasions. Even Apple doesn’t care about $0.13 in a lawsuit. How much did they just pay Creative?

  5. Yes, the amount seems symbolic. From what I

    know about asian culture, honor and integrity

    are very important, shame is the consequence.

    Not like here in the U.S., where a journalist

    would defame his mother just to get the front


    OMG, I can’t believe it MW: mother

  6. I just don’t understand this. It seems to me that Apple took a lot of flack over the garbage this reported said also. Why did Apple help him? True, they don’t have to slam him, but he should pay something significant.

    And what’s the “refocusing the issue” thing? Is the issue that Foxcomm IS at fault? If so, drop the suit. If not, slam the reporter for every cent. What’s the problem?

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