QTFairUse6 strips Apple’s FairPlay DRM off iTunes Music Store files

Apple Store“Remember Hymn? You should, back in the day (like, um, 2004) it allowed you to strip the FairPlay DRM right off iTunes Music Store bought files just like that; well, it’s been a long time in coming, but a new app called QTFairUse6 looks like it can now be used (with some amount of difficulty) to dump iTunes version 6.0.4 – 6.0.5 files of their chastely protection,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget.

Full article here.
Not a big deal: Apple shut it off before (JHymn) and they will again, but this is not a significant issue for Apple. The crack is too complex and, even if it was the easiest one-click thing in the world, it doesn’t matter because Apple doesn’t offer a subscription service. Therefore, unlike with the FairUse4WM crack of Windows Media DRM, the threat of people stealing all of the music they can in a month for just $14.99 or during a free trial period is nonexistent. Besides, you can already do the exact same thing today legally by burning a CD from iTunes.

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  1. MDN: “it doesn’t matter because Apple doesn’t offer a subscription service”

    Not for tunes, true, but Apple’s movie service is expected to be subscription based, so this IS a big deal if the same crack applies to their video DRM.

  2. I read about the FairPlay crack, fired up Parallels, ordered up Napster free trial (after doing Yahoo but finding that their site sucked really bad!), and ensued on my quest to rip a bunch of music…FOR FREE!

    Now, before all of you start jumping all over me, I have justified this in my mind because I have only ripped off the albums I have already purchased and lost the CD (or vinyl).

    Thanks Napster!

  3. Just use a virtual CD drive, burn a “CD” to it, then rerip unprotected. Then you don’t even waste a DVD. I’m sure there are virtual CD apps for Mac, aren’t there? I do it on my Windows machine (NO, I will never buy another one, but I have a 3 year old one, so I use it for some things). It works great. It’s only for my own convenience, I don’t share the files at all.

  4. With FairUse4WM crack of Windows Media DRM, I can steal millions of songs for free.

    With QTFairUse6 crack of Apple’s FairPlay DRM, I can “steal” one song after I buy it for $0.99.

    Anyone who can’t understand the piracy potential differential between FairUse4WM vs. QTFairUse6 is a moron.

    MacDailyNews is, of course and as usual, entirely correct in their “Take.”

  5. So… has anyone gotten this to work? The version I downloaded says to fire up QTFairuse.py (I assume via terminal), but when I run it through python, I get a bunch of error messages and no output file.

    Any ideas, or brainy ones?


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