Bear Stearns reiterates ‘outperform’ rating on Apple Computer with target price of $88

Analyst Andrew J Neff of Bear Stearns this morning reiterated his “outperform” rating on Apple Computer Inc (AAPL).

The target price is set to $88.


  1. These TWATS don’t know shit! Every now and again they weigh in with a pearl of wisdom, which is seldom right.

    A few weeks ago it was $105 according to one and $90 to another. Just a bunch of buffoons doing a very bad guessing job!

  2. Apple is going down due to perception in a fire caused by a Sony battery in Japan.

    In reality, this is not a big deal and only us .05% of Mac geeks know of this – and a few analysts.

    The numbers this quarter will simply be amazing, with iPod sales again showing solid strength, even with no new models. Laptop sales will be phenominal.


  3. Um, this would be a TERRIBLE day to introduce something new. All the college kids just bought their laptops, mini’s and ipods. You think it would be a good idea to intro something new JUST as that market segment (a HUGE one) is heading off to college? NO.

  4. The 19th is just another Tuesday, the day Apple has announced pretty much everything. They like Tuesdays. They like to surprise people with announcements. I can see there being an iPhone or maybe like and iPod with integrated camera. If I remember, the Paris Expo is something with cameras or something? Maybe I’m confused about what I read, it was a few weeks ago. But just my guess. Then the 19th, no one is expecting another announcement and they will update their portables and mini. That is just my opinion.

    As for the stock? People see the headlines, and investors are dumping Apple stock because the laptop fire is just another bad PR event. Once that settles down, and the options thing ends, then the stock will fly up. Their Mac sales are going to go way up in the Q1 results (really the 4Q of the year, but apple YE is Sept. 30th, so I’m refering to the december quarter). They will probably double their mac sales. And as I predicted somewhere on one of the comments back in Jan., Apple’s stock will close the year around $100 per share. right now, the weakness is all just uncertainity, which the markets hate. The battery catching fire will soon fade into distant memory, and the options thing I’m sure will be settled out by the end of September, which will leave nothing but good news for the next three quarters. Think about MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s with an extra hour of battery life from the new Core 2 Duo processors, the new Mac Mini with upgraded processor and a video card, and new iPods across the board, with something new that no one is expecting (although, I’m sticking to a integrated camera, and maybe a phone as my guesses). Then in the Spring, we get leopord. And before that it will be fully shown off. Vista will come out and suck. The next year for Apple stock is looking good. So I’d buy on any weakness over the next few weeks.

  5. G-Spank,
    The only reason we were saying it would be a good day to introduce something would be because it would offset the bad news of the battery problem. Just some software or something like that would be what I’d expect. Or maybe a new iPod add-on. But nothing is coming, so it’s a good day to buy AAPL.

  6. Vista price has been revealed: Its a rip!
    Click here

    Outrageous, $400 for the ultimate version, and all the cheaper versions are stripped down versions of this vapourware. Compared to $129 for the world’s most advanced operating system ,Mac OS X Tiger. And this price will probably carry on to Leopard. Amazon shows Jan 30 2007 for the release of Vista but I doubt that’ll happen.

    MW=Single, a single, ACCEPTABLE price for OS X, and a much more reasonable price than windoze for the server version.

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