Apple posts new iPod+iTunes Bob Dylan ad online

Apple today posted a new iPod+iTunes ad featuring Bob Dylan.

[Bob Dylan] was a very clear thinker, and he was a poet. I think he wrote about what he saw and thought. The early stuff is very precise. But, as he matured, you know, you had to unravel it a little bit. But once you did, it was just as clear as a bell. I was listening the other day to “Only a Pawn in Their Game.” You know, when Medgar Evers was shot there were all these folk songs written about it. Dylan thought it through so carefully, and wrote this brilliant song about it. And that stuff’s as good today as when he penned it… Steve Wozniak turned me on to him. I was probably … oh … maybe 13, 14.” – Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Rolling Stone, December 03, 2003)

Without further ado:

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  1. Apple is doing a really good job of appealing to all people with their ads– the iPod is teen-hip and geezer wise. Smart approach.

    Notice those pre-ads of Zune? Quasi-heroin chic futurama young’ns. That’s cool, but not everyone is jonesin’ for an Xbox or a hypodermic for Christmas.

  2. Just downloaded his new album. Some good stuff on there and a few video clips as well just for good measure. He sounds a bit scratchy on a few tracks and I thought Willie Nelson?

    Good album all around. Need to listen a few dozen more times to get the music embedded for good. Well worth the pennies.


  3. What a great ad. But then, I am a old geekette, so yeah, Steve has my number.

    And what a great quote about Dyland from Steve Jobs:

    The early stuff is very precise. But, as he matured, you know, you had to unravel it a little bit. But once you did, it was just as clear as a bell.

    It seems like that applies to Steve and Apple as well.

    Thanks for the quote, and the link, MDN. It doesn’t get any better than this . . . .

  4. Great advert from one of the greatest ever. Nice to see Apple teaming up with the best.

    This, and the Apple ads, and their products, and their software, all go to show what good taste Apple has.

    And what poor taste Microsoft has. It makes it hysterically funny that they are trying to help make pc’s that ‘people will love’ using colours like Obisidium Black and Ice white. Why don’t they just tell the manufacturers to copy Macs, like they copy OSX?'s+top+stories

  5. I will never understand why anyone would want to own anything by Bob Dylan. He has the worst voice in the history of the world, and his songs are sorely overrrated. He’s also butt-ugly. It’s the classic “everyone says he’s great, so he must be” mentality that the hypnotics of our culture line up for so they feel part of something that’s not there. Bob Dylan sucks…period! This attention to Dylan is almost as ridiculous as the U2 iPod, and utter waste of plastic and electronics. Enough with the theme stuff already. I’m still reeling from the ill-fated Dalmation and Flower Power iMacs.

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