Report: Apple to bring out Bluetooth adapter for iPods

“Pioneer’s new DEH car sound system allows Bluetooth phone users to have an integrated, interactive office in the go,” Gavin McGrath reports for The Herald Sun.

McGrath reports, “The next step forward in in-car entertainment is the big one: the complete Bluetooth-based all-in-one communications hub, operated by remote control – and you don’t have to own a BMW or Mercedes to have one… ‘What’s so great about this is it can go in any car,’ Pioneer spokesman Michael Broadhurst says.”

“Pioneer’s new DEH car sound system range allows anyone with a Bluetooth telephone to turn their car into an integrated, interactive office. The driver can make or accept phone calls even if they have left the phone in the boot because, once it’s connected, the car stereo becomes the phone. ‘What’s so great about this is it can go in any car,’ Pioneer spokesman Michael Broadhurst says,” McGrath reports.

McGrath reports, “The DEH requires an adapter (also sold by Pioneer) to run an iPod, but Broadhurst says Apple will bring out a Bluetooth adapter that will allow iPods to make a wireless connection, then play directly through the audio system.” [bold emphasis added.]

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “bstoned” for the heads up.]
Pioneer spokesman Michael Broadhurst may be about to get a phone call from Apple CEO Steven Jobs.


  1. Nike + iPod ≠ Bluetooth:

    The sensor sends this information wirelessly to the receiver that is plugged into the iPod nano. The sensor communicates with the receiver via a proprietary low-power 2.4 GHz radio protocol; this is not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Nike + iPod sensor has been engineered and tested to ensure that it does not interfere with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, cordless phones, or similar electronic devices.

  2. I have posted on this subject in the past month(s). A Blue-Tooth capability would allow an iPod to be the front end to a cell phone or other device, a GPS, perhaps. It is so logical. It would greatly expand the market for iPods.

    Just imagine, Apple would take care of generating a great user interface for devices, such as cell phones, without having to actually design the wirelessly connected device. Apple, perhaps with cooperation from the associated device makers, would build compatibility modules for the iPod to properly control a Blue-Tooth connected device.

    It would also have the benefit of being able to play music (what a concept!) without draining the battery of the connected device. Many cell phone users avoid actually using the music features on their cell phones for fear of running down the batteries.

  3. LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son your post just put in perspective something I heard at an Apple store recently. I had a short exchange with one of the staff and asked if they were going to be releasing an iPhone. I didn’t really expect an answer but what the the person said was maybe but not from Apple. The staff member seemed to suggest that yes there was something in the pipeline but not what we might expect.

  4. The discussion of BT and iPods has come up many times in the past, and all we ever hear is that BT is not suitable for transmission of iPod music/video data. Would BT be used only to control the iPod? Or is there a more powerful BT protocol coming?

  5. I had to get to the end of the article for this one…

    “But this system can’t be fitted to cars — including the Ford Falcon BA — that have a sound system fully integrated with the airconditioner…”

    Two questions:
    1. When did Ford bring back the Falcon?
    2. Airconditioner???????

  6. Spark –

    In Australia the Falcon never died, it’s still being made today but has nothing in common with any in the United States.

    AS far as the A/C, on some cars all electronic functions are tied into one main body control module so I guess it’s possible that certain combinations of options might interfer with the bluetooth module.

  7. LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son, I think you hit the nail on the head. That would be the perfect solution, so that Apple wouldn’t have to deal much with the various carriers, and, depending on how they do it, you could buy almost any phone you wanted. Brilliant idea. If they haven’t thought of it yet, they should.

  8. Why would Apple build in Bluetooth when they can sell you the iPod and “also” the Bluetooth adapter?

    Same with FM…why sell you one device that does it all when they can sell you three.

    I know, I know, no one wants FM on their iPod. It’s stupid. Funny that the FM add-on is always sold out. Some one must like it.

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