Apple faces MacBook supply issues due to overwhelming demand

“Apple Computer is once again facing a problem that it has become all too familiar with — not enough supply of its most popular products to meet growing demand,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“In particular, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company this month is reportedly struggling to fill orders for its consumer-oriented MacBook notebooks, which are arguably its most popular new product of the year,” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “Many customers who were expecting to receive previously-placed orders for Intel notebooks by this week got something else instead — an apology letter from Apple stating that it would be unable to fill orders within the timeframe it had promised.”

“In an attempt to form a long-term solution to its notebook supply difficulties, the Mac maker has been scouring the far east for a third manufacturing partner to compliment current partners, Asustek and Quanta. With insiders believing Apple holds the potential to sell upwards of 1 million notebook systems during its December holiday quarter, the company will surely need the added help,” marsal reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. i’m ordering one soon. I finally got my wife to agree to the allocation of funds. But I think I might hold out for the new revisions to come out with faster processors and less power consumption. But I can’t wait too long. Any advice?

  2. The one I got for my wife will be here tomorrow.

    anaknipedro: there will always be faster, better, less expensive macs to come out, so if you need it, just get it and be done with it. don’t look back and don’t wait trying to speculate as to what’s coming next.

  3. It’s better to have too few than too many. Now that Apple knows the potential demand during the holiday season, they should be able to ramp up production to clear the current backlog and have enough inventory on hand. This is great news. But with THREE manufacturers, I wonder they will all do an equally proficient job of assembly.

  4. It’s Intels fault!

    They didn’t crank up enough fabs for dual cores.

    Remember, Quanta and the rest also make HP and Dell laptops alongside MacBooks.

    If the demand for MacBooks is high, so must be PC laptops or else at Quanta the production would just shift from PC’s to Mac’s.

    Apple is realizing something too, they are going to have a hard time winning production favor from Quanta over HP and Dell.

  5. I’m getting one for my girlfriend. Were gonna finally get rid of that pos Dell we got for her real estate job. It will join my 15in Powerbook G4 and my daughter’s iBook G4 in the house. When I dropped my daughter off at FSU this weekend, her roomate had a new Macbook and she said all her sisters had the same foe back to school.

    Welcome to the real Mac world..

  6. This has always been a problem for Apple.
    That is why it befuddles me that numerous posters want Apple to increase marketshare. Apple can’t even supply the marketshare that it has. Can you imagine the chaos if Apple’s marketshare doubled to maybe 8%!!
    (BTW, I’m referring strictly to sold marketshare, not installed user base)

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