Leopard downloads prompt Apple retail firings

“At least five employees of Apple’s retail stores have been fired after downloading copies of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard from the Internet that were distributed to developers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference two weeks ago. ‘Dozens’ more also face termination,” Think Secret reports.

“The axed staffers had apparently been overheard discussing their acquisition of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard with their co-workers, prompting Apple ‘corporate’ in Cupertino to investigate the matter and fire the employees,” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not very smart for Apple retail employees to be doing such things.


  1. From the way it is written, it sounds like they were downloading the software. They didn’t post it or distribute it online.

    If this is the case, pretty stupid on Apple’s part. Why would you fire employees that were excited about a new product and wanted to try it out. It’s not like they downloaded it instead of buying it. I’m sure they would buy a copy of the official release when it comes out. (Unless Apple is too cheap to give a good employee discount, which wouldn’t surprise me either)

  2. Honestly…I think the hype machine would be well fed if they DID release a special encoded copy to employees with NSA level code built in so it could be tracked. Issue the disk, let them use it so upon release they are quite familiar..
    and weed out the bad guys easily by simply tracking any copies out in the wild back to the original source.

    This is a pre-release version anyway… that doesn’t contain all the secret sauce. It’s a good way to get people in the company talking about it, and helps weed out the bad “apples”

  3. critic
    Are you kidding? They’re just excited…they didn’t post it, that’s your defence for these people?

    The software’s not even officially released and they have a copy…a stolen copy that’s not meant for the public. Maybe they also take a few items from the store too because they’re “excited” about the product and want to try it out.

    Maybe fudge some numbers in inventory and get excited about iLife or an iPod or even a MacPro?

  4. “From the way it is written, it sounds like they were downloading the software. They didn’t post it or distribute it online.”

    If they downloaded Leopard using BitTorrent (which is likely), then they were almost certainly seeding the software to other BitTorrent users even as they downloaded it. That’s how it works.

  5. anonymous coward: maybe employees do get free copies of OSX, but not 7 months before release..

    One must at times shoot a few employees “…pour encourager les autres.”

    I reckon retail employees will stay on the right side in future. And they’ll feel more proud working for Apple for doing it.

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