Yesterday, we covered an article in which Paul Thurrott asserted that he had “little doubt that one could possibly configure a Dell workstation that undercuts a Mac Pro,” to which we responded, “Then do it. We’ll wait.” Well, the wait wasn’t very long. Paul got to work and first erroneously figured out the Dell was $1279 cheaper, then was chided repeatedly by the online community to fix his mistakes (some examples: here and  here), eventually got it right, and in the process proved himself wrong.

“There’s been a lot of baloney published online about the pricing of Apple’s Mac Pro lately. I’ve had numerous emails from readers curious why I won’t ‘admit’ that the Mac Pro is not only competitive with a certain Dell workstation, but it’s actually quite a bit cheaper,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus.

Thurrott reports, “Here’s what I did, and I think this is where most Mac Pro/Dell workstations comparisons go wrong. I tried to configure two nearly identical systems as cheaply as possible. That is, I upgraded the video card in each to be the same exact video card. I got the same hard drive. The same memory. The same processors. And I used the Dell workstation model that most closely matched the Mac Pro.”

Here’s how it came out:
Dell Precision Workstation 490 (32-bit) = $5,530
Apple Mac Pro = $4949
Apple price advantage = $581

“I won’t make any excuses here (though adding a display lowers the price difference), as my point orginally wasn’t to ‘prove’ that Dell was cheaper, only to logically compare the two systems in ways I don’t feel were done accurately online previously,” Thurrott writes. “So sure enough, you can configure an Apple workstation that is cheaper than a Dell. There you go.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fool.

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