NPD: Apple retains huge lead with 75.6% share of U.S. music player market

“Apple Computer Inc. continued to lead the U.S. digital music player market in the second quarter with a 75.6 percent share, according to the NPD Group. ‘Apple has done a great job of focusing consumers’ attention on digital music in their products through millions of dollars in advertising,’ said Ross Rubin, analyst at the NPD Group, via e-mail,” Dan Nystedt reports for IDG News Service.

“SanDisk Corp. followed Apple in the second quarter ranking with a 9.7 percent market share, according to the NPD Group, while Creative Technology Ltd. took third with 4.3 percent of the U.S. digital music player market,” Nystedt reports.

U.S. standalone digital music player market in the second quarter, 2006:
1. Apple – 75.6%
2. SanDisk – 9.7%
3. Creative – 4.3%
4. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. – 2.5%
5. Sony Electronics Inc. – 1.9%
Source: The NPD Group

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  1. If you guys believe Zune will fail the same way creative & sandisk have failed with their devices, think twice. that’s my only advice.

    microsoft has big backings world wide. and they can make their OS ( dominant power currently ) be Zune friendly.

  2. If you compare this to Apple’s 1st quarter share of 75%, its share actually went UP 0.6%

    That means that DESPITE all of the “negative” publicity Apple has been getting lately, it’s share in music players and computers is still going up.

  3. Watch out Apple there is a lot of vapor ware that is the bomb!

    This imaginary hardware can do incredible imaginary things.

    Just imagine … and it’s doing it. In your imagination.

    … Meanwhile … Apple IS selling iPods – Now – not in your imagination.

    You can use your imagination for more productive things now – thanks to Apple.

  4. I’m still amazed at that number, it’s so
    dominant and that’s so hard to do when there are
    so many companies trying to grab a percentage here and there.

    I wish I could see Zune on that list…maybe it will sqeeeze inbetween Sony and Samsung. MS will sink a lot of money into Zune, I love it. I can’t wait to watch MS drop large sums into it, trust me Ballmer will not give up on it, he will sink every dollar the stock holders will allow him.

  5. Yo Bones!

    You are correct with Ballmer’s mentality – he will continue to bleed profits from Windows and Office in order to gain market share in yet another profit losing segment of the market.

    M$ governance keeps selling the montra “It is part of our overall strategey…”

    “First, we will ensure Vista is years late, and does not deliver much.

    Secondly, we will stubbornly deny Apple’s consumer business model in music and media is better than ours, and will wait until we are so far behind the game we have no choice but to lose money for virtually ever in this market…

    Lastly, we of course have our money losing division in xBOX. It may be profitable some day, but we doubt it…”

    M$ shareholders are idots. In the past six years, the stock has done nothing but virtually tank, while they have let Gates and Ballmer run the business into the ground. Why? Because the shareholders treat Gates and his groupies like Golden Calfs, not to be touched. These people are holding onto the golden years, while their investment goes up in smoke. Morons. Gates is moving out of the way – fine. But Ballmer should have been fired years ago. Redmond’s board of directors is inept – and it’s shareholders even more so…

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