Microsoft Security website shows Apple Mac and says ‘you’re clean’ [UPDATED]

Checking out Microsoft’s website home page of “Microsoft Security” (an oxymoron if there ever was one), MacDailyNews reader “MadMac” noticed that the image Microsoft is using next to the caption “Click. You’re clean.” is an Apple Mac!

Hey, with an Apple Mac, you don’t even have to click, you’re clean regardless!

We checked it out and “MadMac” is right! We found the image over on Fotosearch Stock Photography (#1734045) and zoomed in via Fotosearch’s handy online Image Zoom tool and identified the model as an Apple 15-inch PowerBook G4 based upon speaker grill width, port placement, and screen hinge reveal. Microsoft seems to have pasted a fullscreen shot of their “security” site onto the PowerBook’s screen.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Microsoft, if you’re going to pretend to be serious about security, shouldn’t you use a picture of a Dell or HP or something instead of reminding people about the truly secure Apple Macintosh?

[UPDATE: 11:58pm EDT: Microsoft has now changed the artwork on the page. It is now a mother and child checking their laptop, a laptop that looks like an Apple 12-inch PowerBook with the white Apple removed. – Thanks, Qka.]

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  1. This is actually a wicked subliminal frame so that the viewer associates virus with those cute little laptops made by Apple ( at the subconcious level).

    I it no mistake, It is Microsoft psycholagical warefare kids.

  2. Does anyone think it’s ironic that Windoze users have to “do something” to make sure their operating system is clean?

    Are Windows users so frigging dumb as not to insist on a product that works reliably all the time without user intervention?

    I think I answered my own question.

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