First boot with Mac OS X Leopard visual tour

“The latest version of MacOS X – 10.5 aka Leopard – was revealed at WWDC 2006. On exiting the keynote, the developers in attendance received a beta version of the new OS which will be released in April 2007. The goal of this article is to show the new software functionality that we use on a daily basis through images,” MacBidouille reports.

Full article, with screenshots, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Todd,” “Peter B.” and “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. The ability to annotate and circle from preview is not a new feature, as the article says – and I kinda like the new preview icons. If you set the view to ‘icons only’, they don’t take up so much screen real estate as their pretty but larger descendants.

  2. Upon reading it again, I think it was a typo. 6 Spaces are still very neat. I don’t know what I would have don’t with 16 anyway.

    I think everyone’s gripe about sidebars vs drawers is the fact that drawers aren’t intrusive on your application, whereas sidebars are. This causes to to make the applications window bigger (e.g. in Preview, opening the sidebar will give you a smaller viewable are on the picture, thus making resize the window to see the same amount of picture are as you would with a drawer or with the sidebar off.

    I hope that made sense

  3. My mom keeps her apps window size at full screen, which hides the drawer, then she freaks out because she can’t find anything. A simple click of the green button reveals the drawer, but it was simply just not obvious.
    Interfaces should be obvious and make common sense, unlike going to the start menu to shut down(couldn’t resist).
    One of my annoyances is in Mail…the progress bar when getting mail is really hard to see, and the activity viewer is only there if you search for it. However, I do like the latest interface appearance, and it seems I alone, do like the idea of templates for mail instead of them all looking like standard Word documents. The drag and drop pictures from iPhoto is simple. My biggest complaint in Keynote, iMovie, iWeb, Pages, and now Mail is that I want tons of templates to choose from, not just a few of what Apple thinks I need.


    Just look at the VISUAL history of operating systems and see what we old mac users had to put up with before good old NeXT 2.0 errr…. Mac OS X came around.

    Something I’ve learned over the years and why Apple didn’t die, people use computers for quite some time and old habits are hard to change. If one starts out on a Mac, it’s very likely they will stick with it forever.

    The same goes for Windows, people tend to stick to what they know even if it doesn’t work as expected and tortures them to death because change is worse. Maybe why abused wives stick to their drunken husbands.

    It’s the fear of the unknown of Mac OS X, Apple was right to include Boot Camp.

    But, and a big but is this. The “trained monkeys” of the PC world won’t swtich because they can barely keep their Windows computers free of malware or even backup files.

    Most people just expect to use a computer like a appliance and not understand it’s underworkings.

    Stick the cd in and press play, that’s about the most the general public can handle, anything more and they need a trainer, what are they training on and where? The buisness world and Windows.

    What they use at work they will use at home, they will train their kids to use so they will get a job, the cycle reinforces itself.

    The above average monkeys will use something better and different, willing to adopt to change and ….

    OH SHIT!!, Microsoft is substadizing companies like Dell for their cheap end computers so Microsoft retains market share… Holy Christmas!

    Think about it, how can a cheap PC sell for $299 with Windows? Microsoft is taking the profits from buisness clients software sales and plowing them into discounts on Windows for cheapo PC’s.

    Microsoft knows what I know, train them on one OS and they will most likely stick with what they know for the rest of their sorry ass lives. Microsoft taxes them over and over, especially with anti-virus software.

    It all makes sense. Those evil redmond basterds.

  5. I’m not opposed to there being different App interface styles. Like, Safari vs. Finder, but, I just can’t stand those little round bubble things in Mail. I use “MailStamps” to make them go back to the way they used to be. Hopefully the people who make MailStamps will make a “PreviewStamps” too.

    The main reason I don’t like sidebars is because, (at least in mail,) A) you can’t make it go away if you don’t want to see it. and B) you can’t choose what side of the screen you want it to go on like you could with the drawer. So, the Loss of functionality is very annoying.

    I’m okay with the new Safari search bar thingy, if it’s been done right. I don’t want it to scroll the page until the first time I press return. I hate that in FireFox, I’ll be looking at a paragraph on the page, my cursor will be in the find bar and I’ll start to type out a word or part of a sentence or something to see how many times it appears on the page… the _instant_ I type one letter the page scrolls Away from where I was looking at and I don’t remember the exact wording of what it was I was going to look for! Having it scroll away on you automatically is excessively annoying. I just hope Safari does it right.

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