Six best iPod accessories

T3, “the world’s No. 1 gadget mag,” gives you the lowdown on some of the weird and wonderful ways you can pimp your ‘Pod with their article “Six of the best: iPod accessories.”

T3’s list:
• Nike+iPod Sport Kit
• Shure E2g headphones
• H20 Audio case and headphones
• Altec Lansing InMotion 7
• Belkin TuneBase FM
• iBikeMount

Full article with images an descriptions here.
That Apple’s iPod Radio Remote is nowhere to be found on the list is surprising. What else do you think is missing?


  1. The Confuzed1…

    For those of us who don’t have a direct mp3 input in our vehicles and who have had below average experiences with FM trasmittors, casette is currently the only option and it sounds pretty good. Not my ideal choice, but my only choice until we have UWB/Bluetooth 3.0 in our cars and are able to stream music from iPods wirelessly

  2. ipodradioremotesucks: radio sucks thats why i have an ipod.

    When I next upgrade my iPod (again), I will also be buying the remote. Not for the radio, but for the remote control.

    I bought a nano the day they came out and within a couple of weeks, I gave it away and went back to my 3G which I bought when they were still bundling remotes in the box. Having to take the nano out of my pocket every time I wanted to change tracks or even adjust the volume was a real pain and started to ruin my suit and overcoat pockets because of the extra wear and tear. It was a good few months between the introduction of the 5G/nano and a compatible remote. You shouldn’t underestimate the convenience of a remote and just being able to tap a button without even looking versus having to fish into a bag or pocket.

    I could buy one of those cases that attaches to your belt for easy access to controls, but I prefer to keep my iPod out of sight: iPod in pocket or backpack, Shure e3c headphones.

  3. Hey confused1,

    I agree with you that a tape deck is not an ideal option for listening to music in my car, and I hope to find a better solution soon, but many of us do not have cars with auxillary in or ipod ports, and a cassette deck works MUCH better than an FM transmitter. I’d rather suffer the slightly worse sound quality than buy a new radio for my car.

    Secondly, you imply in your post that analog music is always worse than digital music. This couldn’t be more wrong. In theory, digital music is always altered at least a bit from the original, but analog has the potential to be perfect. Recording studios do not record directly into a digital format for this reason. It’s the same as many professional photographers who still use film. Digital copies are never as good as great analog copies.

  4. If you don’t have direct audio input on the dash, don’t settle for the cassette adapter… just get yourself some of those Shure E2g headphones and command the road in perfect audio clarity. And you can just hose off the blood from fenders at your convenience.

  5. For remote, I prefer the Belkin AirClick, but I’m not sure how well it works with the 5G iPod (worked great with my 4G). I do use the Apple Remote when I go to San Jose Sharks games — since the Sharks are on an FM station, I can listen to the broadcast while watching, and if the game sucks I can switch to music. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    Latest iPod accessory here — the Jansport backpack that has headphone jack and controls built into the strap. Best purchase I’ve made…

  6. You forgot that the iPod works wonderfully with my new liquid binary explosive devices, the iBoom and iBoomYouToo. For a short time only, you can purchase both the iBoom and iBoomYouToo at half price from the Al Qaeda on-line terrorist store, iKillYouAllforAllah.

    Peace, and bless you all.


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