Microsoft Windows Vista: If you can’t innovate… try to impersonate Apple’s Mac OS X

“On Monday, Steve Jobs addressed thousands of Macintosh hardware and software developers at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The clear message: the traditional Cold War between Mac OS and Windows is back on, and now it’s wearing spurs,” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“No kidding. Steve did everything but pound his shoe on the table and insist that his placement of iMacs in Cuba was merely a case of helping a brother revolutionary defend itself from industrial imperialism. Vista, the new overhaul of Microsoft Windows, will (dear Lord, please) finally be released in January, after five years’ worth of delays. Steve was keen on sharing Apple’s impartial opinion that Vista is but a shabby clone of Mac OS… last year’s Mac OS,” Ihnatko writes.

Ihnatko writes, “And Apple hasn’t exactly been sitting on its hands for the last 15 months. ‘Well, if you can’t innovate… impersonate,’ Apple’s VP of software engineering chided. And then the conference hall’s giant screens were filled with a photo of a fat Elvis.”

“Ouch,” Ihnatko writes. “They do have a point. If Microsoft’s current public beta of Vista and Apple’s sneak preview of Mac OS 10.5 (“Leopard,” promised for spring delivery) are anything to go by… Microsoft is in big, big trouble… Steve Jobs generated more genuine enthusiasm for Leopard in 90 minutes than Microsoft has generated for Vista in the last five years.”

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  1. Sadly MS doesn’t need to do much to sell Vista other than finally release it. It will be on all new PeeCees sold by Dell, HP and such. Those companies all hope many will decide to upgrade hardware to run Vista but the excitement level is just not there. I know many that have older windows machines running ’98, 2000 and NT. People running XP may be content with what they have and not see enough new stuff to justify upgrading to new hardware.

  2. Advantage Apple-

    There are a large majority of older PC’s that will not run Vista worth a hoot. A large reason for this is low-end PC’s with stripped down video cards, low-end Celeron or AMD processors, and the list goes on.

    Suffice to say, this may spur a hardware upgrade cycle for Windows users.

    Reading between the lines yet?…

    With Mac’s being able to run Windows, this may become the perfect time for many more Windows users to switch platforms and go Mac.

    Apple’s timing for Leopard and it’s Intel switch couldn’t be more perfect.

  3. What is great about Apple’s current situation is that it will sell record-breaking numbers of Macs (and iPods), whether Mac OS X Leopard is release tomorrow or a year from now. But all this press about Mac OS X Leopard versus Windows Vista, and the perceived “race” to release… they just generate more publicity and awareness in the general public about the Mac alternative. Apple is getting a lot of free publicity by encouraging these comparisons articles, by taking its own shots at Microsoft. Very smart tactics…

  4. Our company WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, move to Vista. Our backward, incompetent IT department may possibly be replaced, and we go to Macs. Its been too long, and some of our software does not exist in the Mac world, but we will improvise.


  5. On that same note:

    My father told me that his company was planning on buying Macs later this year- and installing Windows.

    But, why would they have wasted money on the macs just for Windows?


    Because of the fact that they’re going to gradually switch, getting all their other software they need over to the Mac side (currently, they’re just too damn entrenched in the Windows software, it would be too costly to radically move all at once.)

    Eyes are opening.

  6. “If Microsoft’s current public beta of Vista and Apple’s sneak preview of Mac OS 10.5 (“Leopard,” promised for spring delivery) are anything to go by… Microsoft is in big, big trouble…”

    Yeah right. As much as we love Tiger, and will love leopard, we all know that the day vista ships, IT people across the world will be loading it on tens of millions of machines. It may stink, but it will still sell. Businesses do not care about OSes. They only care that their people can run the basic Office software they need. And as long as they can buy cheap underpowered machines from Dell, they will. It’s that simple.

  7. I love mac – love the os – wouldn’t buy anything else… but the day apple wins is the day it crosses the 50% threshold of users. Until then, the 800lb gorilla is in charge.

    Hopefully this will be a boost up a long trek uphill… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  8. What is with the “this beat that to market” talk anyway?

    I am so sick of hearing speculation about which OS will be first to market and that that somehow makes it better.

    In the sceme of things, I think of mature software (like an OS) released within 6 months of its competition as being released at the same time.

    What is much MORE important is the feature set…does it crash all the time? is the new feature X a timesaver or a hastle?

  9. Ray, you could not BE more wrong in what you say.

    My brother is a senior systems analyst for a Forbes 500 company, and in a recent, lengthy conversation he revealed that his company will not even LOOK at Vista until its second Service Pack release! How long from now will THAT be?

    When you say IT managers do not care about OS’s, you are so far off the mark, it’s frightening. They asbolutely DO! Perhaps OS X is not one of them, but IT professionals are getting by just fine right now with XP (or so they believe). It runs “Office” and is more or less manageable given the current state of the patch-upon patch-upon patch cycle.

    Vista’s “tens of millions” of business adoptions is YEARS away. THAT you can believe, and if Apple continues to grow and refine Leopard+ in that time, the OS game will become, I believe, a toss-up!

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