Major League Baseball’s streaming webcasts unfriendly to Mac users

Walt Mossberg answers tech questions for Wall Street Journal reader each week. One such Q&A caught our eye:

Q: I just bought a new Mac and I love it, but I am a die-hard Yankees fan and I find that, with the Mac, I can’t watch Major League Baseball’s streaming Webcasts of games. Is there a way around this?

A: Since I am a huge Red Sox fan, I hesitate to help you … but I will.

It doesn’t work, because this year switched to a Microsoft video format that the Mac version of Windows Media Player can’t handle and it doesn’t support the Safari Web browser that Apple includes on every Mac. There is a workaround: download and use Firefox, instead of Safari; and download and install Flip4Mac, a free program that allows QuickTime to handle the newest Windows Media video format. You can get it at:

But even this solution is seriously flawed. The problem — and the Flip4Mac people are working on it — is that it plays only for a few batters or so, and then you have to restart it by relaunching the TV feed in the Web site. This is a pain, but it does work, sort of.

A better solution is to simply run Windows on your Mac, and then play the MLB videos on that. I do this using a product called Parallels desktop, which runs Windows inside a window on your Mac. It’s available at:

Full article with more questions and answers here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong and wrong! The answer isn’t use some half-baked workaround or run some half-baked OS, the answer is for MLB to use a proper cross-platform video delivery method. QuickTime is one answer that springs immediately to mind. The problem here isn’t Macs, the problem is and their bad decision to ghettoize Mac users when perfectly reasonable cross-platform answers exist.

Let’s ask why they don’t value our business (by the way, you might remind them that Mac users have higher incomes than Windows users on average – you know, to pay for those box seats) and why they have idiotically chosen a video streaming technology that doesn’t support the personal computer users that are actually the most capable of buying MLB products. Contact:

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  1. Baseball is a fun game to play that is exceedingly tedious to watch, especially by pumped up steroid babies. How many decades has it been since Baseball mattered very much to anybody but over the hill yuppies like Bob Costas and nerds like George Will?

  2. Jon, that’s not the point.

    The point is, the advice is — at best — hardly a workaround. We shouldn’t have to deal with this because there are many other ways to stream video outside of using proprietary Windows formats.

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