Apple warns WWDC attendees not to blog confidential info

“Apple Computer is hosting its big developer confab (WWDC) in San Francisco this week. The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that Apple has made it no blog zone. In the hall there are notices posted that say “Please ensure that your communications with others outside WWDC 2006, including your blogs, do not contain any Apple Confidential Information.” This raises an interesting question. Is information that is presented at a public forum bloggable? I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV, but this seems somewhat draconian to me,” Steve Rubel writes for Micro Persuasion.

Full article with photo of Apple warning notice here.


  1. so is this post breaking that confidentiality????

    hmmmmmm paradox: a post on a site that basically blogs from other blogs about not blogging confidential information from a confidentail conference??? I need a nap.

  2. Why “draconian” ? If attendees agreed to a non-disclosure agreement then it’s reasomable to prevent them from blogging.

    And hey, if it means that Micro$oft can’t rip off features before the release of Windoze [appalling] Vista then I’m all for it.

  3. you get confidential information. I just got Leopard built vs 9A241. Do you think I could now start putting screenshots on my blog or detail about it?

    Hummmm, wonder how much it is worth in Redmond…

    Sheess, some people.

  4. They’ve warned about it every day since we got here. It’s on signs around Moscone West. As I look around at the thousands of attendees, I wonder, “Are they serious?”

    Last night I went to dinner and watched a couple of guys running the Leopard preview on a MacBook and discussing aspects with no regard for Apple’s warnings whatsoever.

    I’ve seen things that I assume Apple doesn’t want discussed, stuff that won’t be around for a couple of years, but I’d be surprised if that information wasn’t leaked before the end of the week.

    The most important thing I’ve noticed is that there’s actually a few decent looking women here this year! Heh!

  5. How is WWDC “public?”

    Some parts are, sure, but some parts are NOT, they are under NDA. No-brainer.

    But people violate NDAs and this hurts Apple and helps MS. So Apple has a reminder to cut back on some of the breaches. No-brainer.

    What a non-story.

  6. Ummm, guys? Microsoft is a Mac developer. I’m quite certain they got their copy of the latest Leopard build yesterday just like everyone else. I think the ribbing that they received lately is really more of a fun marketing ploy.

  7. Oh Please !

    There is nothing “Confidential” going on at the WWDC.

    This event and demo of the new Apple OS is the biggest collection of empty vapor ware I have ever seen.

    Nothing here is new let alone an improvement of existing technology.

    At least with the soon to be released Vista we are all going to cross-over into the new world of .NET technologies. IE 7 in Vista will finally put the nail in the coffin of Apple. The new and innovative Windows Live applications will only work on the truly exciting Vista platform.

    Buying into the Apple hype is going to leave you with a $3000.00 door stop…
    Thats right you maybe able to boot into XP but I can assure you MS will not let Apple hardware boot Vista!


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