Is this Apple’s iPhone?

“OK everybody, alright, get it all out of your systems now. WWDC’s in a few days, and the predominant rumor is that the iPhone is what we’re going to get from it. Apple knows we want it, and we know they’re working on it,” Ryan Block writes for Engadget.

Block writes, “Hell, at this point the only mystery is why they’re bothering to keep it such a secret, but so long as they’re withholding it from the general public, we’re going to be invariably baited into running possibly-photoshopped images of what could be ads depicting the device everyone’s been waiting for. According to this particular rendition it’s going to be called iChat Mobile…”

Full article, with bigger “photos,” here.

Oh, yeah, there’s a video of it, too:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

MacDailyNews Take: This is ridiculous, all of this iPhone nonsense. We’ve been testing iPhones for Apple for well over a year now and we can tell you for sure that the prototypes we’ve seen don’t… er, well, they certainly aren’t… Oh, here, see for yourself.

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  1. Let me sum up what everyone is going to say:

    “I’ll buy one right now!”

    “Why do we need one?”

    “It’s fake!…if you look closely at that one pixel…blah blah blah”


    “I just messed my drawers!”

    (insert EXTREMLY long post about why this is real)

    (insert EXTREMLY long post about why this is fake)

    (insert EXTREMLY long post about God knows what)

    “Does anyone know if I can get this with Cingular?!?”

    “First post!”

    Seriously people, it’s all been said before.

  2. Damn… and I just bought an unlocked Sony Ericsson K510i!

    Don’t you just LOVE Photoshop?

    Sometimes, I think that editing licenses should be required to use it.

    Anyway, if that’s it, I’d have expected a bigger screen.
    And, and, shouldn’t there be a trackpea for navigation instead of the 4-way switch?
    Is it Quad-band?
    Memory card slot?

  3. I would be really disappointed if that is the best Apple can come up with the cell phone design (this must be bad english or something ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />)

  4. iChat mobile huh?

    Well for starters the camera (if that what it is on the back) is on the back.

    How could you “chat” with someone and not be able to look at them-and them see you. Unless you were able to flip the phone back and forth – faster than the speed of light.

    That might work.

    At least the idea of using OS X as an interface in a step in the correct direction.

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