Intuit releases Quicken Mac 2007

Intuit Inc. today released Quicken Mac 2007.

This new version of Quicken, designed for Mac users, introduces a variety of new product features to help them better manage their finances throughout their life. New features include comprehensive paycheck management, 401(k) investment management and a QuickEntry dashboard widget — a Mac-exclusive feature that makes data entry simple and straightforward.

“With the signature ease of use and unique style of the Macintosh, Quicken Mac 2007 is the personal finance software package that will accommodate your needs from next payday until you begin drawing down funds from your 401(k) plan,” said Glenn Tom, director and offering leader for Quicken consumer products, in the press release. “Managing personal finances has never been easier for Macintosh owners.”

To help consumers better prepare for retirement, Quicken Mac enables them to download and track 401(k) accounts and investments — share holdings, daily prices and more — from within the program. Rather than logging on to a third-party site, users can now monitor returns and move funds among various investment options — all within the familiar Quicken Mac interface.

In addition, the newest Quicken Mac gives customers the ability to download, track, and verify the accuracy of information contained in their paycheck via a simple-to-use interface. Keeping a close eye on federal, state and local payroll taxes, insurance premiums, FICA, and other items listed on paychecks has never been easier.

For those who don’t have time to open Quicken but want to quickly jot down some details of an expense, the software offers a new QuickEntry widget. This shortcut, which resides in the Mac dashboard, is ready to use at a moment’s notice. Users enter an expense by simply clicking the QuickEntry widget and filling in the amount. The next time Quicken is opened, the entry will automatically be recorded.

Managing Daily Finances: Like all Quicken products, Quicken Mac 2007 makes it easy to stay on top of deposits and payments.
• Schedule and pay recurring items, such as mortgage payments and utility bills, for maximum efficiency.
• Receive reminders for irregular payments such as insurance premiums and estimated quarterly tax payments.
• Get the big picture of overall finances and the ability to examine the fine details of any item or transaction, from current net worth and its value at retirement to the details of last month’s cell phone bill.
• Find the answers to either archival or forward-looking questions with just a few clicks of a mouse.

.Mac Backup Provides Peace of Mind: As recent natural disasters have reminded us, offsite data backup is imperative and can provide much-needed peace of mind. Available only for Mac users, .Mac provides offsite backup of Quicken Mac data files. Backup to a .Mac account is easy — accessible from within the software. And restoring data, if needed, is quick and simple. The .Mac service is sold separately by Apple Computer Inc.

Quicken Personal Finance Software for Mac 2007 is available beginning today in retail stores and can be purchased or downloaded directly at The suggested retail price is $69.99.

More info here.


  1. Crap crap crap.

    I don’t know how many times we have tried to use quicken.

    Never fails we end up giving up on it.

    The pc version seems to more attention.

    And to think the CEO is on Apples board to boot.

  2. I called Intuit tech support, they said it will work with the Intel chip. But the guy didn’t sound sure of himself, and didn’t even know what that means. He just asked his supervisors.

    Does anyone know for sure? Is there a better money management program?

  3. It will accept Windows Quicken files – When I switched to Mac, I transferred my Windows Quicken 2001 files over to Quicken for Mac. I forget what version I’m on, but it works okay for me.

  4. I use Moneydance. It’s java so it runs on anything. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other programs, but who really needs them anyway. If your program’s crashing all the time, what use is a Dashboard widget?

  5. I used to use it back in my windows days. But being a switcher, I ultimately abandoned Quicken 2006 because it’s Mac version was so inferior. I don’t think 2007 has bridged the gap.

  6. 1.There’s no mention of universal format on the Intuit site that I could find.

    2. The CD is the same price as the download. That’s odd.

    3. They recommend Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac to download the program. The link they provide is to the Microsoft page from last January telling everyone it is no longer available for download.

    My Intuition says caveat emptor.

  7. I will continue to use the version I have, but it is disgraceful for Intuit to introduce a supposed upgrade for Mac a year after the Intel switch was announced and not have Universal Binary product for us. I hope that all Mac users, even those stlll using PPC Macs, rebuke Intuit by skipping this “upgrade”.

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