With another new Apple Retail Store coming to Virginia, Mac market share poised for growth

“A pair of Apple Computer symbols debuted at MacArthur Center last week, marking possible locations for a coming retail store. The trademark bitten-apple silhouette stands out in Hampton Roads, where Macintosh computers remain a minute minority,” Kate Shellnutt reports for The Virginian-Pilot.

“The continued popularity of iPods and the introduction of Intel-based computers have spurred Apple sales nationwide. Coupled with the promotion of the coming Apple store, local Mac market share may be poised for growth,” Shellnutt reports. “Apple computers achieved a 4.6 percent share of the U.S. computer market in July, up from 3.2 percent two years ago, Gartner Research reported. Half of the 216,000 computers bought at Apple stores worldwide between April 1 and July 1 were purchased by first-time Mac users, according to the company.”

Shellnutt reports, “Apple is in the midst of switching all its computers to Intel processors, starting with its iMac desktops in January. The MacBook and MacBook Pro, Intel-based laptops, became available in May, and their popularity doubled Apple’s laptop market share, from 6 percent in January to 12 percent in July, according to The NPD Group, an industry research firm. ‘In general, the rap on Mac was that it was expensive, it was not compatible with Windows and it was a peripheral,’ said Stephen Baker, NPD’s director of industry analysis. ‘That is not true anymore.'”

“Apple’s 155 retail stores, with a wider selection of products, free instructive programming and a Genius Bar for support and repairs, “bring Apple to a whole different level,” said Brian Fountain, a Norfolk Apple enthusiast and the president of the Tidewater Area Macintosh Users Group,” Shellnutt reports. “The stores are known for their distinctive aesthetics and interactive displays. Apple has four stores in Virginia, three in the Washington area and one at Short Pump Town Center outside Richmond.”

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  1. In about 3 to 4 years those 216,000 Apple Store buyers will be wanting to upgrade their Macs. If the ratio of 50% of Mac sales are to first timers, then the Apple Stores will sell 432,000 computers.

    The problem with that forecast is that its linear, and nothing ever happens in a linear fashion. My guess is that Apple Stores will hit the 432,000 point within 2 years.

    That exponential growth, but what do you think we’ve been seeing the last 18 months? Apple doesn’t require industry growth to continue growing like a weed. They are taking share away from the Wintel market (read: DELL).

  2. Isn’t this number missing a few zeros?

    No. That number does not include sales via Apple’s Online Store, foreign sales, or sales via Apple’s retail partners.

    What it does represent is about 30% of total computer sales, and that’s the amazing thing. 140 odd Apple owned retail stores are responsible for 30% of Apple’s global sales.

    Analysts have stated that there is room for approx 700 Apple owned retail Stores. Imagine what volume will look like when they get to that point.

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