Memorex reveals iFlip portable video player for iPod

“Memorex has provided iLounge with exclusive details and photos of a new portable video player for fifth-generation iPods. The new iFlip features an 8.4-inch LCD display, integrated speakers, tilting iPod dock, and lithium-ion battery. Users can watch videos stored on an iPod on the iFlip’s built-in display or use the player’s speakers for music-only playback,” Larry Angell reports for iLounge.

“The iFlip offers a native resolution of 480 x 234, while the integrated battery provides up to five hours of power. The fold-up unit also features S-video out, line out, and dual headphone jacks. While the iFlip has an on-screen menu system (brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, screen mode, etc.), Memorex said the user will still navigate music and video via the iPod. The iFlip will launch in mid-September, retailing for $200. It will be available in black or white, with an iFlip carrying case sold separately,” Angell reports.

Full article with many more photos here.


  1. From the photos (for those who didn’t bother to follow the links) the iPod does indeed lay down as as to get out of the way of teh screen.

    I wish more iPod integratde speaker designs too advantage of this sort of thing and just included and LCD display on the from of the speaker itself.

  2. The iFlip’s design makes more sense than the iLuv’s. The iLuv has the iPod inserted on the back. That means you risk scratching the iPod’s screen any time you set the device down. It also doesn’t appear that you can control the iPod using the buttons on the front of the device, meaning you have to flip the unit over to pause, rewind, or fast-forward.

    By contrast, the iFlip has the iPod right up front where you can get at it, and it can even be safely left in the device when you close the lid.

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