Where might Apple go next in their software strategy?

“Apple’s practice of producing equivalent consumer and professional applications suggests they may pursue professional versions of iWeb or iTunes. Their audio focus suggests a professional podcast, live radio, or live performance package. Their video focus suggests videocasting, video workflow, scriptwriting, or storyboarding. The Mac platform also has relatively limited 3D offerings that Apple may want to address,” Tom Brinck writes for SimplyBlog.

“Apple’s software offerings focus on the Creative market, as a strategy to make the Mac an excellent platform for creation and organization of any media. Apple has only a few software offerings, such as Filemaker, that don’t fit squarely in this model,” Brinck writes. “Apple has introduced new software that filled niches that weren’t served well by 3rd-party solutions, such as iPhoto. In other cases, such as the Final Cut Studio suite, Apple directly competes with existing software offerings. What interests me most… is the question of what new software Apple will introduce.”

Brinck has created a diagram that explores Apple’s software strategy and his full article speculates on what future development Apple might pursue within this strategy.

Brinck concludes, “I’d say that a pro version of iWeb is the most likely application that Apple has in the works. A pro version of iTunes is probably the most marketable idea of all of these. And strategically, I’d strongly suggest that Apple enter the 3D professional software business as a way of continuing their tradition of great creative software while guarding against any erosion in their video software business.”

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  1. i heard about pixar (under jobs) were working on there own 3d “maya killer” app, whether it was to be purely in-house or for wider release like renderman i leave you to speculate.

  2. Id freakin love to see a 3D app from apple.

    even just an app that allowed you to create simple shapes, but with a great renderer, for things like icons, logos etc.

    a pro web app from apple would also be great but i wouldnt expect this until iweb is at least a couple of versions old.

  3. The guys suggestion that there should be a pro iTunes app shows his lack of technical understanding. iTunes is media player. How do you make a Pro and Non-Pro media player? LAME. His suggestion is lame and thus his whole article seems irrelevant – you lose trust in the writer when part of their topic includes something that does not make sense.

  4. I want to see apple create plugins for apps like photoshop and painter that opens those programs to core image and core video, making the mac so superior to any other platform that any pro would be insane to use any other platform.

    Then they can optimize and tweak core image and core video to keep them lightyears ahead of anything from MS.

  5. Apple has to differentiate themselves. Adobe, Quark, and others all want their apps to be identical on all platforms. Apple should make it possible for the mac experience to be way ahead of the other platforms. Just install the standard Adobe Creative Suite on a mac and get twice the porformance. Adobe won’t make it happen, Apple has to do the work.

  6. maybe this blogger isn’t well informed, but there are many apps that suit mac creatives needs that don’t need to be Apple developed. Garageband by Apple does create podcasts so thats covered. Dreamweaver is the standard in the pro web development field, and it even has templates for newbies. For 3d, outside of Autocad, there are excellent choices already. I use Lightwave 9 (which desperately needs a Universal Binary version), but there is also Cinema 4d, Modo, and Maya. Basically, Apple fills in the gaps for the mac market where apps don’t sufficiently meet the needs already (Adobe Premiere anyone?) due to affordability or usability. Spreadsheets seem to be the only area not really covered since Appleworks (officially discontinued ?) and that may come soon.

    PS – interesting side note – Apple bought Final Cut from Macromedia which means if it hadn’t, Adobe would have acquired it and at worst, killed it in favor of Premiere, and at best . . . we would still be waiting on a Universal Binary of it to go along with Photoshop !

  7. Web Space –

    Now that Adobe has announced it will be keeping GoLive and Dreamweaver in their lineup, it means Adobe fears dropping one or the other in fear of competition scooping up the left-behinds…

    Who would Adobe fear entering this market that could make such an immediate impact? Apple.

    Dreamweaver is being positioned as the groupware solution, that will enventually fold into CS or become a compliment thereof.

    GoLive will be the creative artist/web designers tool.

    Keeping both makes for a murky message, and confusion in which to choose. While it can keep most onboard, it still leaves cracks for Apple to exploit.

    Apple would deliver a “Final Cut Express” level tool that will deliver a market leading GUI, seamelss OS X integration, and agressive price point ($199?) directly targeting GoLive.

    The solution is targeted at three markets:
    – The freelance GA/Web designer
    – The low-hanging-fruit (Mac hobbiest/Pro-Sumer).
    – GA Switchers

    The attractive category for Apple are GA swithchers. This delivers the PC/Windoze web designer on the fence a native OS web package for the Mac – from Apple. Not a chance this SW will be going away any time soon, or being late with updates, etc…

    Growth of Mac sales is front and center at Apple, and finding a SW entry point to move more Pro switchers over to the Mac is a very, very, profitable move. Count on this SW coming to market by Spring ’07


  8. Would that someone would just buy Macromedia’s old SoundEdit/16 and release a Universal version. Add native support for MP3s and AACs, Chapters, and metadata and you’ve got the perfect low-end sound editor.

  9. I find it ironic that it was SJ’s love of typography that created the first “800 lb. gorilla” for the Mac – desktop publishing. This area is now a weakness, what gives?

    MW = strength (no kidding!)
    as in, turn this weakness back into a strength, I say!

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