Apple prepping iPod with eBook capabilities?

“We’ve gotten not one, but two bits from separate, trustworthy insiders that Apple’s not satisfied merely vending Audible’s books-on-digital-audio solution. With the iRex iLiad and Sony PRS-500 Portable Reader both right around the corner, is it possible the next iPod might catch the eBook bug? We’d say the possibility is very real, since according to a source at a major publishing house, they were just ordered to archive all their manuscripts — every single one — and send them over to Apple’s Cupertino HQ. A separate trusted source let us know that the next iPod will have a substantial amount of screen real estate (as we’d all suspected), as well as a book reading mode that pumps up the contrast and drops into monochrome for easy reading,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy” for the heads up.]


  1. I have been thinking for a while that I would love an iTunes for my PDF’s. I have a lot of Japanese lessons/tests in mp3 format along with matching PDF’s, and this would allow me to manage my library so much better.

    And I totally agree LordRobin, wouldn’t it be funny if Apple releases a newer, much more innovative, iPod around the same time (perhaps earlier) than Microsoft’s typical copycat rubbish. Heck, they will likely do the same thing with 10.5 vs Vista as well ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Apple is just making its iPod franchise more powerful and defensible. They will lock in yet another segment of the iPod market that did not know that it was part of the iPod market. Apple must — and undoubtedly will — keep innovating on both the device and applications side of this market.

    The iPod ecosystem is rich and diverse and becoming more rich and more diverse. Microsoft’s assault army will hit the iPod castle walls with a splat. The only things that will remain are bloodstains on the castle wall and some chairs in the moat — Ballmer’s fingerprints and all.

  3. Sounds like one more tidbit suggesting the screen on the full-sized iPod will soon grow to nearly cover the iPod’s entire ‘face’.

    Trying to visualize reading more than a few paragraphs on such a modest screen. Visualizing taking an imaginary aspirin for my trouble.

    Imagining reading a right-sized version of my Google News page on my WiFi-equipped, large-screen iPod while commuting on the subway. While listening to a “right-sized” play list. Imagining the commute morphing from “too long” to “surprisingly short” for my efforts.

  4. Excellent idea – a large-screen iPod with adjustable auto-scroll and nice, high-contrast typography would be great for portable reading. I sincerely hope that this is true and that Apple makes it possible not only to buy books, but also to format your own books (.pdf?) from places like the Gutenberg project.

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