OmniWeb 5.5 beta 1 released

The Omni Group has released OmniWeb 5.5 beta 1 which is now based on a slightly customized version of WebKit. This means greatly improved website compatibility, speed and stability, accroding to the developer. Many rendering and compatibility issues users have been experiencing should now be addressed.

New Features and interface improvements:
• OmniWeb is now a Universal Binary
• OmniWeb now supports saving in the WebArchive format via the “Save As…” panel.
• There is now a global and site preference for user defined style sheets in the Appearance pane.
• Toolbars in OmniWeb now use the Unified Toolbar.
• A warning will now appear when you try reloading a page using POST. When loading a workspace containing POST pages, the page will display an error but can be reloaded to rerequest the page.

More info and download link here.


  1. Hey MikeR,
    I upgraded my g4 dual 450 to 10.4.7, and it is running the fastest it ever has. How do they do that? I have a dual boot into os9, and, while I habven’t measured it, it seems to run faster than that even. Of course that’s probably mostly perception.

    I upgraded my video card so I could get that cool user-switching cube. Mmmm…not sure if it was really woth it. I also added RAM, I’m at 1.25 GB. Really the only problem I have is editing video and burning DVDs. It gets kinda mad at me.

    The OS works fine, though.

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