Expect some upside on today’s Apple earnings

“Apple Computer reports earnings at the close of business today. Overall consensus analyst estimates are for the company to earn about $0.44 a share on revenue of $4.4 billion for its fiscal Q3. However, when we plug the numbers into our financial model, we see pretty different numbers. I come up with the same $4.4 billion, but I believe that Apple will earn about $422 million in profits, putting basic earnings at $0.50 a share, and diluted earnings at $0.48,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

Howe writes, “Why so optimistic? The numbers I have are driven not by iPod sales, but by Intel-based Macintosh sales, specifically MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Go to any software developer conference nowadays, and MacBooks and Powerbooks are rampant; some have even gone as far as to say that Apple laptops now are the platform of choice for developers. This will be the first full quarter of MacBook Pro sales, and the MacBooks were available for about half the quarter. I expect those sales to come in above most analyst expectations.”

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  1. Loving my iBook with 1.25GB and a 250GB external HD (they make it too hard to replace it internally).
    Had it since last year, runs OS X speedily, was my first Mac. The problem with Apple’s computers is that they make them well enough and carry on supporting them so you don’t have to buy a new one every 3 years like PeeCees (well not a problem for us mac users, just for apple’s profits). The only time I’ve noticed the ‘slowness’ of the G4 is when I’m using iMovie or something processor intensive. Very happy with Apple’s products after 1 and a half years of use.

  2. Time to buy back all those Apple stocks you sold – at a loss.

    If you are not a day trader – you are a long term stock holder -so, buying high and selling when the stock is down but the company is solid – is not smart.

  3. Whats wrong with being proud of the Mac you own??? Only a Mac user can say that they love there computer and it being made 4 or 5 years ago. No PC owner can ever say that. I love seeing how long people have there Macs and that they are able to use them today with newer software.
    I for one love my PB 1.67ghz with 1.5gig of ram and a 250gig Iomega external hard drive =P

  4. I hate to interrupt all the excitement about today’s numbers. But I gotta ask about Apple’s Pro Tip of the Week. http://www.apple.com/pro/tips/copydelete.html

    Copy and Delete at the Same Time
    If you’re archiving a file to disk (let’s say to an external FireWire drive for example), you can drag the icon of the file you want to archive directly to that drive and the Mac will write a copy to that drive. However, your original file still lives on your current hard drive. If you want to have that file deleted from your drive as soon as it’s copied to another drive, just hold the Command key as you drag your icon, and the Mac will do two tasks for you — copy the file to the new drive and delete the original from your drive.

    Hasn’t this been called Move for oh, I don’t know, years! Seems like standard drag and copy/move procedures. Is this that unknown?

  5. Loving (but retiring) my 400Mhz G4 Mac-
    I’ve been using a 400Mhz G4 Mac tower as a FMPro Server, The thing was built ©2000 (i think).
    It’s never crashed or had any kind of hardware problem- EVER!!!

    Just replaced it yesterday with an XServe

  6. My old IIci is in the basement and still works.
    My old pizza box is in the basement and still works.
    My old 8500/150 is on my desk and gets used once a year for year end work.
    My G4/400 is what I’m working on now. The MacBookPro comes with Rev. 2.
    Macintosh computers just work!

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