All eyes on Apple Computer as company reports results today

“When Apple Computer Inc. reports fiscal third-quarter results after the market closes Wednesday, investors will be paying close attention to what the company does – or doesn’t — say about the next version of its wildly-popular iPod digital media player,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call expect that Apple will earn 44 cents a share, up 19% from a year earlier, and post sales of $4.4 billion in revenue, a 25% rise,” Crum reports. “Still, Apple shares have fallen more than 25% this year on concerns about whether the company will be able to maintain the profit growth – driven by surging iPod demand – that helped spark huge stock gains during 2004 and 2005.”

“While Apple is unlikely to give details of the product today in advance of Jobs’ keynote presentation at the conference next month, what company executives say about iPod demand, both for the just-ended quarter and the remainder of 2006, may impact the stock,” Crum reports. “Analysts and investors are looking for any signs about the strength of second-half demand because the back-to-school season and the holiday shopping season are key periods for iPod sales.”

“Apple investors will also want to hear about the level of demand for Macintosh personal computers. Apple in April released Boot Camp, a free software download that enables its new computers powered by Intel Corp. microprocessors to run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP operating system,” Crum reports. “The overwhelming majority of the world’s PCs use Windows, and some analysts have speculated that the move could help raise Apple’s single-digit share of the global PC market.”

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  1. If analysts are expecting any announcements about future iPods at the WWDC, they are going to be dissappointed. WWDC is going to be about Leopard, and any hardware announcements will be related to Apple’s Mac-division.

  2. Typical of most market watchers, they are fixated on the iPod, ignoring that the name of the compnay is Apple COMPUTER.

    As the digital music player market matures rowth will naturally slow. This isn’t about to happen for at least a year. On the other hand, the computer industry depends entirely on industry growth, all except Apple, which is taking share away from Gateway, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba et al.

    Mac computer growth is not dependent on industry growth. It is more reliant on Microsoft continuing to produce crap, and there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that is going to stop any time soon.

  3. 25% increase over last year. I can see why the stock has tanked in the last 6 months…NOT. The stock market is nuts.


    Even at AAPL current price, the 25% year over year revenue increase is already built in to the stock price. Investors are looking for above and beyond what they expect. It’s not just Apple, it’s any company. The reason AAPL had a 2 year run is because iPod growth rate was between 200%-600%.

  4. The most about the iPod we’ll see is maybe an update on how sales are going with the iPod and iTunes. Then they will turn to the Mac and 10.5. There will probably be Mac Pro and then maybe a new accesory or updates to a few already released items. As far as this evening, there will be a surprise in Mac sales, a disapointment in iPod sales. This will cose an initial drop in stock price until investors realize that iPod’s aren’t the only thing that Apple sells (like the majority of the public, in my opinion) and then the stock will finish tomorrow up a few percentage points. I’m guessing it’ll be up to $55 per share by friday’s close.

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