RUMOR: Apple to debut next-gen iPod nano at WWDC

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) rumors are flowing freely now.

“Apple will roll out the second generation of its iPod nano music player at its Worldwide Developers Conference,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “The new nano is said to be very similar to the company’s current offering but will feature increased capacity and be available in multiple colors, some of which will feature a metal alloy enclosure.”

“Exact capacities are not known, but reasonable speculation suggests the line will top out at 6GB or 8GB. The announcement is expected to arrive alongside the release of movie rentals through the iTunes Music Store (see related story) during CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation on August 7. The iPod nano has not been updated since its introduction last September,” Katz reports.

Full article with information about a “updated 5G iPod” here.

“Reacting to rumors on Tuesday, an analyst for American Technology Research said it’s unlikely that Apple will use its upcoming World Wide Developers Conference to introduce new music-related products,” AppleInsider reports. “While [analyst Shaw Wu] admitted that ‘there is a first time for everything,’ he told clients to ‘keep in mind WWDC is a Mac event and has not been used in the past for major iPod announcements.'”

Full article here.

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  1. These rumors are coming from idiots


    The WWDC is a DEVELOPERS conference, not a consumer electronics conference. Jobs’ keynote is going to pertain to developers interests, which means OSX, software and the Mac…. PERIOD!

    iPods, iPhones, movies and any other consumer oriented product announcements NEVER have been (historically since 1983,) and NEVER will be introduced at the WWDC.


  2. Doubt it.. The developers conference is for developers… I doubt there will be any iTunes or iPod announcements, unless Apple is going to give developers some kind of new plug-in architecture to develop for..

    Nope, My guess is 10.5 with the new Mac Pro being the only ‘hardware’…

    Now, if Apple is finally coming out with some kind of media center, then I could see it.. Since they’ll probably allow 3rd party media to be shown..

  3. Nope. I don’t buy it. He’ll cover OS X and the expected hardware upgrades. Steve’s only mention of iTunes/iPod will be to cover marketshare and the health of the mac economy.

  4. I can see Jobs introducing the Intel PowerMac, and show it running Leopard. I just don’t see him diluting the OSX message with stuff about movies or iPods.

    If an iPod is in the offing, Apple will introduce it where they will get a bigger media bang. Same thing with movies. I see that happening at MWSF. Jobs will want the strength of the venue for that kind of announcement.

  5. Hey idiot Rumors jackass. I’d like to know your name so when it comes time for you to eat crow I can hand deliver it. Anytime Steve does a keynote Apple can take the opportunity to unveil new products.

  6. Now, now G-Spank. Take it easy. It is just a silly rumor. Relax, you’ll live longer. I too would say iPod announcements would be more appropriate at MWSF but the developer conference used to not be a venue for product announcements at all other than a preview for the latest version of OS X. So maybe, Steve will take the conference in a whole new direction.

    We’ll see.

  7. If the iTMS movie store/New nanos are ready, Apple with simply have a separate press event a week or two later and introduce them. That way they keep their name/products/software/computers in the limelight for a longer period. They have used this strategy before.

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