Mad Money’s Cramer: hammering Apple stock is much like ‘shooting Apples in a barrel’

“CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host and analyst Jim Cramer on Tuesday evening spoke about the tech stock trade and specifically targeted Apple. According to Cramer, tech stocks are defenseless against things that ‘hammer’ their value — they have no dividends, buybacks or takeover prospects. ‘Apple probably has the best prospects of any tech stock out there,’ Cramer explained,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “Metaphorically, Cramer said that hammering Apple stock is much like ‘shooting Apples in a barrel.’ He believes that because Apple offers no dividends, no guidance or any buyback — no defenses. ‘Any short seller can rumor down any stock without a buyback,’ he asserted; it’s so ‘pathetically easy’ that all a person has to do is lift up a phone and tell their friends and brokers causing a chain reaction.”

MacNN reports, “‘Understand, all of these stocks [I think] are valuable,’ stated Cramer, ‘I picked Apple because it has the best prospects and it’s still getting creamed.'”

Full article with screen cap of Cramer shooting apples in a barrel here.
Missed it the first time? Correct the mistake. The elevator is coming down to pick up the stragglers who couldn’t or wouldn’t see it before. But, they see it now. Have patience while we get down to their floor and they finally climb aboard.

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  1. I said the same thing back at $70. Now my $25k in AAPL profit this year has turned into a huge loss. Guess that’s hat I get for being a hopeful Skippy!

    Wait for positive momentum before calling the bottom or you could wind up grabbing that knife that still has a ways to fall.

  2. The gamble is wether people are gonna switch in numbers. It’s a gamble, any way you slice it. The fact is, Apple has pigeonholed itself for elitists, and people are so tied to that emotionally, they’ll NEVER buy an Apple, EVER. It’s the same with politics. The big question is how many people are rational enough to break free from that so they can live happier lives (because Apple computers make your life easier).

  3. MDN take: The elevator is coming down to pick up the stragglers who couldn’t or wouldn’t see it before. But, they see it now. Have patience while we get down to their floor and they finally climb aboard.

    Now that it’s on the short sellers’ radar, the ride will probably be more like a roller coaster. Gone are the days of AAPL growing on achievement. Any bit of bad news (actual, speculative, or just plain WRONG–and there is plenty of that type) and the stock takes another dive. Then, no matter what good news there is, only a slight increase may result.

    Kinda reminds me of gas prices in reverse.

  4. Apple in particular is a short sellers dream. Take it from someone in the business.

    Companies like Apple that offer zero guidence, no incentive to invest other than market apprication (i.e. no dividend or buyback) and have very loyal fan bases are perfect for the short sell. I don’t even own an Apple Mac computer and I spend a good deal of time reading these sites just to time the market. Further, since I’m a tech trader and speak with folks on a regular basis, I know way more about what’s coming down the pipeline than MDN or most of the people who post here. Its pretty funny to read how dead wrong many of you are about Apple’s future products and short to intermediate term performance.

  5. Time for a little “Good Ol’Boy Stocks 101”:

    For a long term invester, the only stock price that matters is what the price is when you sell it. You only loose money on a stock if you sell it below what you paid for it. As long as you believe in the long term stability of the company and can wait on the rebound, your always in the money. Not to mention if you do lose money on a stock, there is always the tax write off.

  6. G-spank is so very mistaken –

    If you think the 90%+ PC market that is dominated by Windows is doing it because Apple Macs are the “Elite” machines than you are not living in reality.

    The fact is that people are selling on news that [fill in the blank this week with “Microsoft”] will unseat the iPod. Reality is that no one has seen what Apple has in store for Decemeber 25th shoppers and the iPod economy was neither built over night, nor will be undone in a fiscal quarter.

    Further, with modest gains in market share of just 3-5%, Apple will double it’s Mac penetration – and consumers with their home PCs _are_ switching.

  7. MacDailyNews Take: “Missed it the first time? Correct the mistake. “

    Remember MDN was rah-rah-rahing Apple at $85 saying it was going over $100-$110. To all that took MDN´s advice then and lost nearly 50% of their money…well, thanks, MDN.

  8. Jim’s right would NEVER divulge what he “knows” because there would be a chance he might be wrong. Instead, he works in the same way these analysts work: all talk without having to prove anything. People listen and believe because they sound important or knowledgeable, yet in actuality know very little. Of course, he would also offer an excuse: “My sources would dry up” or”If I divulged, then it would affect my stock holdings.” Either way, he can claim anything he wants and suckers believe him without proof.

    Let the reader beware!

  9. I’m not very mistaken, you are just looking at one aspect of my opinion and assuming (you know what they say about assuming) everything else. Of course their are other factors. It’s my personal opinion (which can’t be proven right or wrong) that what I mentioned above is Apple’s biggest hurdle for the long term investor (which I am). If you don’t think it exists, then please go to some threads on Fark, which is a pretty normal cross section, and check out an Apple discussion. Your eyes will be opened as to how Apple is seen by many, many people.

  10. Dell stock hit a 3 year low today as well. This is a broad tech market hit, it’s not just Apple. Cramer is right when he says that Apple has the best prospects of any of the tech stocks and time will prove that to be true.

  11. The big difference:

    Steve doesn’t give a toss about Wally Street, he’s focussed on servicing/supplying customers (ie real people). Wally Street can’t manipulate him in to BS because any AAPL he has is just icing on the cake. Of course that pisses Wally Street off so they rant every so often.

    The rest is redacted.

  12. “Missed it the first time? Correct the mistake. The elevator is coming down to pick up the stragglers who couldn’t or wouldn’t see it before. But, they see it now. Have patience while we get down to their floor and they finally climb aboard.

    The elevator car is shaking and has dropped a bit, the passengers are starting to panic.

    They now understand that the iPod engine driving the elevator upward is becoming worn out and can’t lift the car as fast as it used to.

    maybe the backup WinTel Mac engine will kick in and hold the car, or maybe all that remains is for the real plunge to begin.

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